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Taxi solutions designed for both transport authorities and operators. Optimise your taxi services for efficient, safe, and reliable point-to-point transport.

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Solutions for Transport Authorities, Taxi Operators & VIP Transport

Taxis are a unique form of transport that offer commuters flexible and convenient door-to-door services at any time they require. When managed effectively, taxis also connect with other public transport services, including buses, trains, light rail, ferries, and e-mobility solutions providing a first and last-mile option to passengers that can help reduce car use.

Transport authorities around the world are increasingly looking to manage and integrate taxi and eHail fleets with other public transport modes to create a truly integrated multimodal network – and support the delivery of a ‘Smart City’. Taxi operators need to make their services as efficient as possible, while providing a great passenger and driver experience to compete with eHail and rideshare services. VIP transport services need to do all this as well as catering to the specific privacy and security needs of their clientele.

Transport authorities, taxi operators and VIP service providers that coordinate large, privately managed fleets face unique and complex challenges. With Trapeze taxi software, find new ways to stay ahead of these challenges. Increase your organisation’s efficiency and profitability using innovative, modern, and reliable technology for taxi fleet and operations management, enhanced driver and passenger experiences, and insightful business intelligence.


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Flexible, Open Platform with Local Support

Trapeze’s purpose-built taxi technology is proven to deliver enhanced results for both authorities and operators of large fleets, offering local support backed by global, long-term industry experience - giving your transport authority, taxi operation, or VIP transport service the ability to predict and respond to ever-changing events to adapt and succeed.

The Trapeze Taxi Enterprise Solution

Technology enabling transport authorities, taxi operators and VIP transport to deliver better services and connect as part of a Smart City.

Manage and integrate taxi and eHail fleets with other public transport modes to create a truly integrated multimodal network and ‘Smart City’.
Monitor and regulate taxi operator and eHail performance against KPI’s and gain an overview of how service quality benchmarks are being achieved.
Integrate public and private transport data across all modes and operators into a single, secure platform and include future transport modes like autonomous vehicles.
Increase fleet utilisation by using an advanced booking and dispatch system integrated with vehicle location technology and incorporate innovative safety features.
Increase driver satisfaction by providing efficient and speedy processes. Help drivers find the best places for fares by supplying real-time heat maps so they can maximise revenue and minimise downtime.
Provide multiple positive passenger experiences, including easy-to-use booking and payment processes, real-time information, increased safety levels and help with retrieving lost items.


The Trapeze Taxi Enterprise Solution

Technology enabling transport authorities, taxi operators and VIP transport to deliver better services and connect as part of a Smart City.

Taxi, eHail Automated Management System (TEAMS) for Transport Authorities

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Taxi, eHail Automated Management System (TEAMS) for Taxi Operators

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What Role Do You Play?

Find out how Trapeze’s tailor-made taxi software provides capabilities for transport authorities and taxi operators.

Transport Authorities

Integrate public and private transport data across all modes and operators to display information in a single, secure, unified platform. Apply the latest innovations to create a better way to transport people from point to point. Modernise transit (including taxi and eHail fleets) to increase your jurisdiction’s attractiveness to investors, talented professionals, and travellers. Manage your multi-operator taxi fleet and eHail providers, while integrating with other public transport software and technology like traffic monitoring systems. Integrate with future transport modes such as autonomous vehicles. 

Taxi Operators

Increase fleet utilisation by using an advanced booking and dispatch system integrated with vehicle location technology. Track and predict demand, keeping drivers informed of the best places to find fares. Provide customers with a lean, efficient service while also reducing fuel and maintenance costs using accurate data insights. Defend your share of the taxi market without sacrificing profitability. Automate processes to reduce the risk of human error and save time and money. Manage your taxis to automatically charge correct fares without the risk of driver manipulation, improving customers confidence in your service. 

VIP Transport

Provide a chauffeur-driven service for your VIP clientele ensuring discretion, security, and reliability. Provide highly trained professional drivers, impeccable on-time performance, and outstanding service. Have complete control over your operations to ensure consistent, high-quality customer experiences. Integrate with additional safety features such as on-board cameras, reliable vehicle tracking, and distress buttons. Keep track of your employees’ records, including training courses and background checks so drivers meet strict criteria and you maintain your clients’ confidentiality.

Leadership & Strategy

Improve the transport network as part of wider government initiatives to drive economic prosperity and to become a ‘Smart City’. Simplify financial reporting requirements for both transport authorities and taxi operators. Develop smarter business plans with accurate, verifiable operational data. Easily undertake forecasting, resource planning, and auditing. Capitalise on future opportunities and continuously improve your taxi services and improve profitability. The Trapeze taxi system has helped users win awards due to increased efficiencies and better management.  

Finance & Administration

For transport authorities, monitor fleet performance and revenue earnings. Optimise the taxi transport strategy, and leverage economies of scale to drive sustainable growth. Make data-driven decisions with clarity, that help you achieve your KPIs, and improve your transport network. For operators, give your taxi business a competitive edge. Meet compliance targets and regulations and implement innovative strategies to exceed customer expectations. Keep fares competitive through improved cost-efficiency and maintain or take back market share.

Technology & Systems

Equip your transport authority or taxi operations with a complete, centralised, and intuitive solution, designed specifically to monitor and manage large taxi fleets. Store and process large amounts of data for detailed analysis. Have visibility across all operations to deliver a better transport network and improve services. Benefit from local Trapeze support, available when required, in your time zone, with global and local market knowledge. Integrate your existing third-party systems and technology with the versatility of an open, flexible end-to-end platform that can be updated remotely.

Proven Taxi Industry Experience

Active globally for more than 30 years, Trapeze taxi solutions have serviced more than 800 million taxi trips and have been used by more than 57,000 drivers across 20,000 vehicles.

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Customer Testimonials

Taxi Business Management
“The Trapeze Taxi Business Management solution is integral to the RTA’s daily operations. It is mission-critical for not just our taxis, but the smooth running of public and private transport throughout Dubai.”

Adel Shakeri, Transportation Director
Dubai Roads and Transport Authority

Taxi Business Management
"The heat map in Trapeze’s taxi solution has been extremely popular with our drivers. They are very happy with it."

Khaled Al Nuaimi, Taxi Technical Support Section Manager
Dubai Roads and Transport Authority

Taxi Business Management
"We have worked with Trapeze for almost 25 years. In this time, their technology has grown with the dreams and goals of Dubai."

Adel Shakeri, Transportation Director
Dubai Roads and Transport Authority

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