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Optimise rail staff schedules, forecasting, training, qualifications and compliance with an intuitive, tailor-made-for-rail solution.

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Rail operators are required to manage complex services with unique criteria, conditions, rules and regulations, which is tough to do both manually and cost-effectively. Through a clear Enterprise Rail Workforce Management (WFM) technology architecture and strategy, there is an opportunity to increase efficiency and improve planning, day of operations and service delivery.

The Trapeze WFM solution provides the tools necessary to streamline daily tasks to save time and costs through using built-in system algorithms to incorporate rule set definitions and conditions, from EBA to fatigue scores (such as FAID), training, qualifications and knowledge compatibility to better manage shifts and employees. 

Operators have the advanced rail specific tools to automate manually intensive practices such as providing quick solutions to on-the-day disruptions and provide employees with integrated data and mobile applications to break down barriers for fast, accurate decision-making. 


Explore the capabilities of the Trapeze WFM solution by watching this informative video.

Empower your Mobile Workforce

Positively impact employee work-life balance through access to workforce management via mobile devices, enabling staff to self-manage shifts, view rosters, notify of attendance, manage shift swaps and leave requests, and sign-on/sign-off remotely.

Trapeze Workforce Management Capabilities

Enable real-time decision-making and allocate workforce resources effectively by automating complex manual tasks.

Synchronised Data

Gain an organisation-wide, high-level view by ensuring all information is connected at every level, across your organisation – from the planning phase through to day of operations. Work with integrated, synchronised data to ensure accurate rostering, shift allocations, leave management and real-time links with third-party systems.

Real-Time Updates

Stay on top of your current workforce situation and interact with an intuitive and responsive operational schedule, that updates immediately as changes occur, ensuring accurate real-time visibility. Improve on-the-day management of shifts and employee moves, optimise disruption response with auto allocation functionality.

Shared Communications

Share accurate, relevant information by sending text or app messages to employees individually, to multiple locations or to selected groups. Ensure clarity of communications shared with employees with messages transmitted via multiple channels – mobile, SMS, app or web – keeping the operations team, depot and workforce connected. 

Compliance Fulfilment

Integrate to HR systems to keep all information connected and at hand from the planning phase through to day of operations, rosters and operational schedules, automatically incorporating relevant, current rules and regulations: EBA rules, FAID score requirements, qualifications and training records – available to duty managers in real time to maintain compliance.

Staff Solutions

Empower your staff with self-management capabilities to improve work-life balance and ensure clearer communications from the operations office and depot. Enable sign-on and sign-off via mobile devices and web browsers, along with capabilities to manage leave, share real-time updates and communicate service delays to meet on-time targets.

Automated Processes

Automate information-sharing and eliminate the risk of human error to optimise business performance; auto-populate shifts with relevant data according to operational parameters. Programme soft and hard rules to reduce touch points, eliminate paper-based processes to maintain an accurate audit trail to support decision analysis and dispute resolution.

How Trapeze helps key stakeholders

Modernise workforce processes with the Trapeze Workforce Management solution to integrate personnel management, planning, allocation, day of operations and compliance.

Roster Clerks

Respond to and manage rosters in advance or on the day of operations. Stay one step ahead of issues as they happen with an integrated, optimised dataset.

Planners & Depot Managers

Forecast and plan timetables, vehicles and crew effectively taking into account items such as rules, regulations, qualifications, leave and training. Utilise fast decision-analysis tools for accuracy and audit requirements.

Train Drivers & Operations staff

Utilise advanced communication tools to maintain two-way dialogue through various channels when day of operations issues arise. Manage duties, leave applications and shift swaps through applications or web-based employee self-service.

Transit Officers

React quickly to situational requirements through real-time information received to mobile devices, maintaining security and greater coverage of the network.

Training & Development

Gain an integrated view of staff, their specialised knowledge, skills, training status and qualifications to manage workforce capability and availability.

Customer Experience

Enhance the passenger journey and customer experience through improved performance levels, leveraging real-time railway operational insight to build positive staff-customer interactions.

Customer Testimonials

Workforce Management
“Rail planning and workforce management will never be good enough without the right tools and mindset. However, it will always continually improve when the right solutions are available to help execute good ideas. Trapeze’s workforce management technology allows us to develop plans that are grounded with facts and evidence, and we trust the system outputs and results.”

Araz Zeighami, Personnel Planning Manager – Train Division
Arriva Sweden

Workforce Management
“With the optimisation module we can test several different scenarios in a short time and create several suggestions for duty plans.”

Nina Borgen, Payroll Coordinator
Keolis Norway

Workforce Management
"Our expectations with the Trapeze System have been fully met. When you consider the extent of the system it is very easy to use. The processes are very clear, it's easy to navigate, and you get your tasks done quickly."

Christian Pettauer, CIO
WESTBahn Management, GmbH

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