Taxi, eHail Automated Management System (TEAMS) for Transport Authorities

Tailor-made taxi technology transforming the public transport network for transport authorities.

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One-Stop Scalable Solution for Transport Authorities

The Trapeze Taxi & eHail Automated Management System (TEAMS) for transport authorities is our innovative solution designed specifically to manage and integrate large, multi-operator and multi-city taxi and eHail fleets into the public transport offering to support an integrated transportation network and a ‘Smart City’ strategy. TEAMS collects ‘big data’ and uses AI technology to perform intelligent analysis that identifies efficiencies, leading to improved public transport outcomes for authorities.

TEAMS also integrates with multiple technology and service providers such as airport systems, hotels, police, and local enforcement authorities, as well as enhancing the driver and passenger experience – making taxis a preferred choice of transport. TEAMS is a full, end-to-end solution with a proven track record, and is both modular and scalable. Our system has enabled transport authorities to provide a cost-effective managed service for taxi operators. 


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Improve Public Transport and Integrate Taxi Operations

With TEAMS, transport authorities can regulate taxi and eHail operations and gain insights into the services delivered, while taxi operators can ensure they meet your service quality benchmarks and KPI’s. Move passengers more efficiently and securely while minimising congestion and pollution. The TEAMS features benefit multiple stakeholders - transport authorities and regulators, taxi operators, VIP transport, taxi drivers, and of course, passengers. 

TEAMS is an ever-evolving, reliable, stable platform that is always extending open interfaces to allow integration with other parties. Local integrations to licence and permit authorities allow them to connect into the platform to provide value-added services.

TEAMS module: Business Intelligence

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TEAMS module: Driver Connect

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TEAMS module: Operations Connect

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TEAMS module: Passenger Connect

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TEAMS module: Vehicle Connect

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Trapeze TEAMS Capabilities for Transport Authorities

Trapeze TEAMS delivers better public transport outcomes for transport authorities.

Taxi Network Intelligence

Trapeze’s scalable taxi solution for transport authorities can receive, store, analyse and report on data from every single taxi and eHail vehicle in your city or region. Have visibility across all data transactions, and operations so you have all the information you need to deliver a better transport network, enforce regulations, and improve services. TEAMS is used to manage large fleets of thousands of taxis across multiple operators and can deal with substantial amounts of data. Business intelligence dashboards monitor taxi operator performance against KPI’s. Provide leaders with verified data to enable strategic decision-making. 

Fully Integrated Data

Integrate all public and private transport data in your jurisdiction across all operators and display this information in a single, unified platform for user convenience. Eliminate information double-handling within a one-stop environment. Integrate a single TEAMS module to meet your current needs or choose multiple applications to provide a complete enterprise system with information from all modules available across the suite. TEAMS has a transaction-based SQL database for full audit history, reporting, dashboards, and real-time data updates.

Future-Proofed Transport

Create a new standard for integrating taxis and eHailers into your public transport system. Allow for future innovations such as electric and autonomous vehicles so that you can continue using TEAMS well into the future. Trapeze can also customise TEAMS modules to meet your evolving needs or develop new ones that address specific requirements. TEAMS can integrate with other city systems, including traffic monitoring, emergency services, and airport schedules. Enable your vision of a ‘Smart City’ to come to life and increase the liveability and sustainability of your region.

Passenger Experience

Integrate taxis and eHailers into your overall public transport plan to create a true ‘Smart City’ and include all trips on one ticket, providing seamless connections with other public transport modes. Monitor taxi and eHail service quality to increase reliability, safety, and lost item recovery. Analyse customer feedback to troubleshoot problem areas and continually improve services based on passenger recommendations. Integrate security features with real-time monitoring to increase safety so passengers become advocates. Enhance the passenger experience with ‘Customer Connect’ which allows authorities to provide targeted information on facilities, attractions, and other valuable services.

Operator Management

Monitor taxi operator and eHail service delivery in real-time. Integrate and link with all operators to ensure a consistent, seamless service. Minimise congestion by only providing efficient taxi trips and reduce pollution levels. Ensure that drivers serve the busiest areas to reduce passenger wait times. Coordinate taxis for large public events such as exhibitions, trade shows, and sporting events. Guarantee private taxi operators and eHailers commercial confidentiality, while granting the high access level transport authorities need to improve services.

Tailor-Made for Authorities

Implement agile technology to future-proof your investment. Simplify processes by automating tasks, eliminating duplication, and digitising records for all authority stakeholders using a taxi specific software solution. Trapeze uses a partnership approach to continually evolve and improve our taxi offering so that your authority has ‘software for life’. Our open technology integrates seamlessly with third-party hardware. TEAMS has been used to manage over 20,000 vehicles and 57,000 drivers across nine operators, with over 800 million journeys and 16 billion kilometres covered.

How Trapeze TEAMS helps key Transport Authority stakeholders

See how the Trapeze taxi solution delivers benefits for transport authority stakeholders in the taxi industry.

Executive Leadership

Examine the taxi industry to gain ‘the big picture’ – including operational and performance data. Targeted capabilities help authorities regulate the taxi market while increasing franchisee growth. Sophisticated reporting services help manage the transport network better and make better decisions. Gain the ability to analyse large datasets rapidly to derive business intelligence and insights, identify trends over time and improve performance. Have your transport authority recognised for providing an innovative and highly profitable taxi transport system.

Other Entities

TEAMS links transport authorities and other government entities, taxi operators, eHail providers, drivers, and passengers together, rather it being a standalone system. TEAMS can integrate into other systems such as those used by enforcement authorities, health services, airport operators and hotels so that taxi services are provided when and where people want them. Safety features can be integrated so that all passengers feel confident using taxi services. Automatic toll gate detection avoids the need for driver intervention and ensures compliance.


Provide passengers with flexibility and security and provide the quickest possible services for as little cost as possible, with reduced customer wait times. Improve the appeal of taxi transport by providing quality services to increase ridership for residents and tourists. Provide accessible transport to those who need it, such as elderly or ill people. Allow passengers to make informed decisions on how and when they travel - easily and quickly from a single website or mobile app. Customer surveys are available to provide feedback on trips to enable continuous improvement.

Taxi Operators

Help taxi operators meet your KPI’s. Streamlined operations help franchisees increase profits while generating more revenue. TEAMS hardware and software maximises system performance and increases franchisee revenues. Increase customer satisfaction to attract market share into taxis versus other modes of transport. Help taxi operators deliver a modern passenger experience that also helps manage eHail services. Help operators keep costs as low as possible to protect their bottom line by optimising their operations by working smarter, not just harder.

VIP Services

TEAMS helps your VIP Service providers deliver exceptional services for the VIP market, which include visiting dignitaries and important high-status individuals. Clientele require above-average privacy due to their VIP status, and staff that have access to in-vehicle conversations or sensitive information need to be trustworthy so that customers feel comfortable using these services. TEAMS keeps track of personnel records, including training courses and background checks which prevents inadvertent employment of people who do not meet strict criteria.

Taxi Drivers

TEAMS helps drivers by providing a fair, regulated, and consistent operation. Enable positive culture change by ensuring that all drivers in the taxi and eHail fleets meet or exceed service quality benchmarks, including those for safety, cleanliness, and punctuality. Drivers can earn more income for their families and achieve their daily targets. TEAMS help operators increase driver satisfaction which in turn motivates them to provide a better service, which then feeds into the transport authority objectives of providing a great public transport network for both residents and visitors.

Customer Testimonials

Taxi Business Management
“The Trapeze Taxi Business Management solution is integral to the RTA’s daily operations. It is mission-critical for not just our taxis, but the smooth running of public and private transport throughout Dubai.”

Adel Shakeri, Transportation Director
Dubai Roads and Transport Authority

Taxi Business Management
"The heat map in Trapeze’s taxi solution has been extremely popular with our drivers. They are very happy with it."

Khaled Al Nuaimi, Taxi Technical Support Section Manager
Dubai Roads and Transport Authority

Taxi Business Management
"We have worked with Trapeze for almost 25 years. In this time, their technology has grown with the dreams and goals of Dubai."

Adel Shakeri, Transportation Director
Dubai Roads and Transport Authority

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