The Industry Challenge

Improve operations with technology tailor-made for taxi

To move people more efficiently and securely while minimising congestion and pollution, Trapeze’s integrated taxi management system provides a solution for passengers, taxi drivers, dispatch centres, multi-fleet and third-party operators.

The Taxi eHail Automated Management System (TEAMS) delivers:

  • More flexibility for passengers
  • Better fleet and workforce management
  • Increased paid kilometres
  • Improved dispatch outcomes

“These features have led to more efficiency, a better customer experience and smoother operations, resulting in savings of more than 500 million Dirham.”

Tariq Ismail Mohammad, Deputy Director & Manager, Transportation Systems - Dubai Roads and Transport Authority.

Read how one of the world’s fastest growing cities uses Trapeze TEAMS to effectively manage the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority’s fleet of more than 10,000 taxis.

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TEAMS benefits for all taxi stakeholders

Trapeze TEAMS – Taxi and eHail Automated Management Solution – delivers better service and outcomes for operators, drivers and passengers.

Fleet Management

Fleet management manages efficient dispatch, maintenance scheduling and driver supervision.


Taxi booking software shows arrival times and fare driver and taxi ID, live tracking, helps easily track lost items.


Multiple languages translated instantly enabling clear passenger-driver communication for ease of travel.

Route Guidance

Route guidance optimises trips to avoids delays, ensuring most efficient point-to-point travel while maintaining paid kilometres.

Real-time Monitoring

Safer journeys through real-time driver behaviour monitoring including speeding alerts, certification status and training records.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence dashboards report performance and objective measurements.

Why Trapeze TEAMS is the One-Stop Taxi Solution

With so many different people involved in the critical outcome of the patient, it’s important that everyone has access to the information and communications they
need along the patient’s journey. This is how we help different stakeholders throughout the journey.


Improved Passenger Experience

The TEAMS solution has many features uniquely developed to help improve on a regular taxi passenger experience.

• Ride-sharing, providing customers with a lower-cost solution for travel

• Driver ID/photo, driver authentication and camera integration for safety and peace of mind

• Making payments easily with multiple currency options via all payment types and with QR code receipts

• Customer Connect solution allows communication with the driver in multiple languages, meter trip information and number of other unique features

• An Infotainment solution that provides in-car entertainment options for passengers

• Reduced customer wait times through mapping engines and Makani look ups that direct drivers to destinations via the fastest route possible

• Customer surveys to provide feedback on trips to understand what your customers are thinking

Improved Driver Experience

Ensuring the satisfaction of your drivers can reduce costs, increase revenues and improve the passenger experience.

• Direct two-way communication between driver and control centre improves safety and increases efficiency

• Speeding alerts ensure the driver avoids fines and drives more safely

• The system allows drivers to generate more income for their families and their employers

• A display for drivers to monitor real-time performance against daily targets

• Proven hardware means more time on the road and less in the workshop, increasing motivation and revenues

• Heat-mapping ensures drivers find fares quickly and efficiently while minimising downtime

Improved Operator Experience

Specifically designed hardware and software maximises system performance and increases operator revenues.

• Driver displays designed and proven in extreme heat with minimal downtime and failure rates

• Heat mapping ensures drivers are routed to the best location to increase paid kilometers and maximise revenue

• Salik toll gate detection avoids driver intervention and ensures compliance

• Multiple features and dashboards to detect and prevent black trips

• Shop, discount, ride-sharing, charity donations and other out-of-the-box features designed to help increase revenue

• Increase customer satisfaction, which pulls market share into taxis versus other modes of transport

Improved Authority Experience

Targeted capabilities help authorities regulate the taxi market while increasing franchisee growth.

• Manage revenue by identifying and preventing black trips

• Reduce maintenance frequency and cost with reliable hardware purpose-built for the environment

• Vehicle intelligence provides security via cameras and real-time driver behaviour monitoring

• Streamlined operations help franchisees increase profits while generating revenue

• Deploying the latest technology will position authorities as an innovative and profitable

What Trapeze TEAMS Customers are saying:

The Trapeze solution is integral to the RTA’s daily operations. It is mission-critical for not just our taxis, but the smooth running of public and private transport throughout Dubai.

Tariq Ismail Mohammad, Deputy Director and Manager, Transportation Systems
Dubai Roads and Transport Authority.

The heat map in Trapeze’s taxi solution has been extremely popular with our drivers. They are very happy with it.

Khaled Al Nuaimi, Taxi Technical Support Section Manager
Dubai Roads and Transport Authority

We have worked with Trapeze for almost 25 years. In this time, their technology has grown with the dreams and goals of Dubai.

Adel Shakeri, Transportation Director
Dubai Roads and Transport Authority