Train driver intelligent transport on board systems

Unlock a range of benefits by upgrading your in-vehicle technology: reduce costs, increase staff productivity and improve customer experience.

With over 35,000 on-board computers by Trapeze in operation worldwide, Trapeze’s on-board systems have proven to be reliable, durable and simple to install and maintain. Trapeze’s on-board systems support drivers in their work by automating tasks and letting them focus on driving.

The on-board computer automatically calculates the vehicle’s position at all times, supplying real-time information to the driver, passengers and control centre. If the peripheral systems are integrated to the on-board computer, it can also manage next-stop announcements, change destination text on internal and external signage and prepare data for multifunctional displays within the vehicle.

Communications between the control centre and driver are improved as the integrated user terminal automatically displays all relevant information without human intervention. Drivers can place calls to the control centre with the touch of a button and exchange information or messages in just a few steps. The control centre can also use the on-board computer to communicate directly with passengers or listen in to the vehicle during emergencies.

Trapeze on-board computers also record all operating data for you to evaluate and analyse for continuous improvement or reporting. These statistics can be automatically uploaded so you always have an up-to-date overview of utilisation levels and vehicle status without any additional manual tasks or data double-handling.

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