Incident manager checklist intelligent transport systems

Critical situations resulting in late running, service disruptions and compromised staff or passenger safety are extremely costly.

Ensure your team is equipped to handle extraordinary situations so they can return operations to normal as quickly as possible in a calm, orderly manner.

Trapeze’s Incident Manager tool comprises several modules for intelligent decision support. It is fully integrated into the rest of your intelligent transport system, giving it access to all relevant data including planning and real-time information. It also has a learning algorithm that uses a combination of recent and medium-term history and the timetable to make real-time predictions.

When unforeseen events or system errors occur, the Incident Manager tool suggests relevant actions that are tailored to the situation at hand and displays predefined plans of action and checklists. This helps your control centre staff make quick decisions while improving the consistency and quality of processes.

You can also automate standard operating procedures using this tool to ensure quick responses to disruptions or specific circumstances.

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