Planning & Scheduling Solutions for Rail

Streamline rail planning and scheduling activities including modelling and simulation, timetables and resources to optimise your operations.

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Effectively Model, Plan, Simulate and Manage

To deliver effective services to an increasingly mobile society, rail organisations need to plan reliable services to meet customer and passenger demand with minimal disruption.

The Trapeze Planning & Scheduling solution ensures effective allocation of equipment and workforce to create conflict-free timetables, keeping the network running smoothly. Decision-science optimises resourcing while minimising inefficiencies.

The solution takes into account your vehicles, assets, infrastructure and workforce to generate conflict-free timetables and operational plans that meet compliance according to your organisation’s unique circumstances.


Explore the capabilities of the Trapeze Planning & Scheduling solution in this informative video.

Meet and Evaluate Key Business Objectives

With the Trapeze Planning & Scheduling solution, you can quickly address disruptions and manage special events, maintenance and infrastructure. This enables the use of data to gain insights and empower analytical optimisation for business direction. Decision-science and in-built algorithms optimise resourcing and enable you to increase your network capacity and keep the network running smoothly.

The Trapeze Planning and Scheduling Solution

Advanced holistic planning and scheduling software supports the complex requirements of rail operations. 


Solutions in place to assist in the planning of new and expansion rail lines, addition of stations, requirements across operational costs, passenger capacity and power consumption. Reduce risk with full network capability visualisation, define cost plans for investments and enterprise bargaining agreements (EBA), use predictive analysis to prepare robust timetables and recovery plans.

Train Planning

Train plan provides the tools to optimise your Master Timetable for long-term planning, short-term planning and on-the-day plan changes. Validate train planning activities, create tested timetables and apply powerful predictive analysis with seamless integration between resource planning and workforce management modules.

Resource Planning

Eliminate manual data entry and re-entry when scheduling and planning your resourcing requirements and enable validation of plans with a configurable solution that manages vehicle and people resources. Built for rail, this solution will pull information back from the day of operations to provide resource change analysis and advanced decision science optimisation.


Work with an up-to-date view of consistent operational criteria including legislative requirements, training credentials, EBA conditions and fatigue scores. The solution will automatically ensure crew plans are consistent with train and vehicle plans complying with the conditions and requirements set in place for your operation.

Resource Management

A connection between planning and operation, the ability to ensure effective resource management through allocation, re-routing and re-scheduling capabilities, intelligent real-time decision support and an integrated operations view. Use forecasts and predictions, manage consists, set formation and orientation, track fuel and operational targets.

Business Decisions

Tying all of this together, the solution will leverage data integration across all enterprise rail systems along with Business Intelligence support for accurate forecasting, reporting and prediction. Provide key stakeholders with accurate business information for more informed forward planning. Use this data to further optimise and create efficiencies in delivery of services.

How Trapeze helps key stakeholders

From simulation and modelling to timetable management, planning, operations and executive reporting, Trapeze Planning & Scheduling capabilities deliver multiple benefits.


Conduct running time calculations, simulate operations and analyse electrical power modelling to gauge demands on the electricity network and test timetable validity.


Predict behaviour of rolling stock, signal systems and power supplies through full network or single-train analysis, capacity planning, testing altered running and emergency scenarios.

Timetable Management

Optimise service resources to meet targets, plan timetables, detect and resolve conflicts, complete anonymous crew and vehicle scheduling.

Planning and Scheduling

Generate timetables, plan for special events, possession planning, ad hoc requests and effectively manage operational exceptions to increase network efficiency and availability.

Operations & Train Control

Manage on-the-day activities and focus resources to efficiently achieve on-time running and meet operating targets.

Business Intelligence

Drill-down into data to assess and report on planned versus actual performance; capture knowledge to create opportunities that inform and support business decisions.

Customer Testimonials

Rail Planning & Scheduling
"The Trapeze solution provided SJ with a platform that supports both long-term and short-term planning, provides a master timetable, and interfaces to all internal and external SJ systems."

SJ Train, Sweden

Rail Planning & Scheduling
“The tools we have enable us to handle complicated situations as efficiently as possible. Oslo tunnel is one of busiest in world: we are able to run 24 trains an hour in each direction – that’s about as many as it is possible to do within safety and reliability margins.”

Peter Hausken, Special Advisor formerly IT Manager of Operations
Vy Group

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