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Improve ferry passenger services and operations with an integrated technology solution.

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Real-time Information for Ferry Authorities and Operators

Transport authorities and ferry operators are always looking at delivering more reliable and efficient ferry services. The Trapeze Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solution connects ferry operations with a central system, collecting and communicating information in real-time.

Connect your control centre to your captains and crew, and your ferry services with your passengers, in real-time. React to incidents such as vessel breakdowns and unforeseen weather events, proactively and effectively. Deliver more efficient services and better on-time performance for off-peak ferry services, and reduced waiting times during peak times, resulting in a measurable increase in passenger experience.



Find out how Trapeze Intelligent Transport Solutions empower transport teams to manage all aspects of operations.

Gain Visibility on All Tasks, and Solve Ferry Challenges in Real-Time

Trapeze ITS modules are tailor-made for integrated multimodal transport operations. Our ITS solution covers planning, operations, ticketing, vessel locations, headway management, real-time passenger information (RTPI), connection protection, incident response, and business analysis.

Transport authorities and operators gain valuable insights into the ferry services delivered. Operators can meet benchmarks for service levels. Our ITS solutions are scalable across small to large ferry fleets and provide control and visibility over essential business processes. The Trapeze ITS allows your organisation to plan, operate and monitor ferry operations, providing accurate real-time information to passengers, ensuring services run more efficiently and effectively.

Integrating different public transport modes, including buses, trams and ferries, provides passengers with a seamless information experience. For example, a ferry service can show real-time information about departures at interchanges near ferry terminals to provide reassurance of interconnections. Extending this information flow to the captain enables connection protection to be implemented.

Trapeze Intelligent Transport System Capabilities for Ferry

Intelligent technology to gain increased visibility of your ferry operations and improve your passenger experience with a scalable integrated solution.

Real-Time Control

Increase command centre efficiency by using a centralised operations system. The Trapeze ITS solution actively informs the control centre when disruptions occur, enables communication with vessels, and provides an accurate overview of all ferry operations. Our system is scalable to meet your specific business needs. 

Intelligent Communications

The ferry control centre can access the on-board computers to communicate timetable, announcements, statistics, device messages and ferry location data. Integrated ITS manages ferry communications to increase efficiencies. 

Signs & Displays

Improve the ferry passenger experience by providing accurate, up-to-date passenger information. Integrating dedicated voice radio solutions into the ITS solution without compromising the availability of the radio system ensures reliable voice communications. The Trapeze ITS provides information on upcoming ferry stops and updates destination data both on-board the ferry and at ferry terminals. Passengers can also access information on their smart devices. 

Smart Ferry Operations

The ITS automatically calculates ferry positions on a continuous basis to enable automated vessel monitoring – which can help with tidal changes resulting in different terminal approaches. The system also allows for crew relief monitoring and ferry timetable adherence. The Trapeze ITS is intuitive, easy to use, and is configurable to specific operator needs and individual user requirements.


Trapeze ITS optimises technology capabilities to communicate and share all information with ferry stakeholders. The ITS is compatible with ticketing, passenger counting, voice radio, and passenger display modules. The ITS technology can also integrate with third-party peripherals like CCTV, ITxPT and more and can integrate with other systems using SIRI.

Incident Decision Support

The Trapeze Operations Control Centre gives users full access to ITS functions – including how to respond to incidents as they occur. ITS users can react swiftly to ferry network issues. Errors or disruptions can be managed, alerting the control centre of incidents that may require external intervention. 

How Trapeze ITS Helps Key Ferry Stakeholders

Make ferries more attractive to passengers by surpassing their expectations with services that are safe, frequent, reliable, and efficient.

Transport Authorities

Source all required information to ensure ferry services are delivered according to required standards. Connect your ferry fleet and multimodal transport system with centralised, scalable technology. Enable the rapid collection, communication, and analysis of comprehensive operational data. Integrate and manage your ferry operations alongside your bus, light rail and other transport modes.

Ferry Operators

Keep your ferry customers informed with accurate real-time information. Manage incidents and disruptions more efficiently, and plan for special events. Increase ferry frequencies (including headway management), ease of use, and on-time running.  Enable your ferry passengers to reach their destinations with accurate information and increase efficiencies and cost-effectiveness. 

Ferry Passengers

Enhance the ferry experience to make your services a preferred commuter choice. Meet and exceed passenger expectations by delivering frequent, on-time services and by providing seamless connections between services. Enable accurate real-time communications before the journey, at the terminal, and on-board your ferries. 

Ferry Crew

Increase automated communications by enhancing in-vessel and external/terminal signage to convey current ferry operations. Provide accurate real-time information to captains and crew, the ferry control centre, and passengers via automated communications. Maximise crew effectiveness as informed passengers ask fewer questions, enabling crew to focus on their core role.

Ferry Service Controllers

Empower ferry control centres to communicate with your ferry fleet collectively, or via individual vessels to enable rapid incident response. Automate location-based manual triggers, for example controlling lights to drive efficiencies, and allow for more effective, quicker communication between system controllers and ferry crews. 

Executive Management

The Trapeze ITS provides uniformity and efficiency of service delivery across large, multimodal, and multi-operator public transport networks. The ITS is also an integrated and central data source that facilitates easy reporting and statistical analysis. Manage ferry operator contracts to ensure they meet KPIs. 

Customer Testimonials

Intelligent Transport Systems
“The major iBus project by LBSL entails data and voice connections for the world's largest ITCS solution. Implementation of the project would not have been possible without the know-how, support and commitment of our main partner Trapeze."

Paul Fitzpatrick, Technical Services Group
London Bus Services Limited (LBSL), United Kingdom

Intelligent Transport Systems
"Within London, we couldn’t operate the bus network in the way that we do without having good, effective ITS systems underneath our operation … We’ve expanded the use of the [Trapeze] system to become what’s seen as one of the most accurate real-time information systems anywhere in the world."

Simon Reed, Head of Technical Services Group
Transport for London (TfL), United Kingdom

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