Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for Bus

Trapeze's ITS solution is already helping large, complex bus operations such as Singapore LTA and TFL in London.

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ITS is a scalable, integrated technology solution

Integrated technology to plan, operate and monitor bus operations provides and ensures your services run efficiently and effectively. 

The powerful, scalable capabilities of the Trapeze ITS platform helps tackle the multiple challenges of increasing ridership while managing increasingly complex networks and fleets to deliver reliable, on-time services. It connects operational tasks with a central system, collecting and communicating key information in real-time.

Monitor operations, provide accurate real-time information to passengers and react to incidents proactively and effectively. Gain insights into the services delivered and ensure you're meeting service quality benchmarks. Better on-time performance will deliver a quantifiable increase in passenger satisfaction.

Our end-to-end experience in the transport industry allows us to pin-point the simplest but most effective solutions to providing the right outputs and outcomes for your bus operation.

Technology that reduces average wait times and increases service reliability.

‘Headway Management’ is a proven way to address customer expectations for high-frequency public transport services. Read blog

Transport Interface Management: Partnering with you

We have the experience to manage the process end-to-end, from the Initiate phase through delivery, deployment, and support.  Our experience building custom interfaces for vehicle equipment like passenger information systems and desired backend systems helps customers with the connections and data required for business success.  ITS technology is already delivering benefits for TFL London and Singapore LTA

Gain visibility and control over tasks
Trapeze ITS modules are tailor-made for buses, covering areas of planning, operations, Automatic Vehicle Location and Control (AVLC), ticketing, headway management, real-time passenger information (RTPI), incident response, depot management and business analysis.

Trapeze Intelligent Transport System Capabilities

Deliver service control, passenger information and business reporting with a scalable integrated solution.

Real-Time Control

Increase the efficiency of operational command centres through a centralised operations system. Scale modules and capabilities to your specific business needs. The ITS system actively informs control centre dispatchers when incidents occur, enables dispatch and communication with vehicles, and provides an accurate overview of all operations.

Intelligent Communications

Advanced, integrated ITS control manages communications to increase efficiencies, such as deploying the optimal number of human or vehicle resources. Depot servers and on-board computers exchange and share data on timetables, announcements, statistics, logs, device messages and Automatic Vehicle Location and Control.

Signs & Displays

Improve the customer experience by providing accurate, up-to-date passenger information. Along with next-stop announcements, the ITS updates destination text on internal and external signage, as well as smart devices and prepares data for multi-functional in-vehicle displays. The control centre can use the on-board computer to communicate with passengers or listen-in to the vehicle during emergencies.

Smart Operations

The ITS automatically calculates vehicle positions at all times to automate: vehicle monitoring; standard operating procedures; driver relief monitoring, and timetable adherence data collection. Trapeze ITS is intuitive and easy to use and can be configured to specific organisational needs as well as individual user requirements.

Interoperability and Systems Integration

Trapeze ITS is compatible with modules including ticketing, passenger counting, voice radio, and passenger displays. It is also capable of integrating with third-party peripherals, such as CCTV, Siri, ITxPT and more. ITS optimises the capabilities of the technology to ensure information is collected, communicated and shared with all stakeholders.

Incident Decision Support

Trapeze’s Operations Control Centre gives dispatchers and controllers full access to ITS functions to respond to incidents as they occur. Users can react quickly to problems on the network, detect and manage errors or disturbances, and deploy vehicles and crew in the most effective configuration relevant to the incident at hand.

How Trapeze ITS helps key stakeholders

Make public transport more attractive to passengers by exceeding their expectations with services that are reliable, frequent, safe and efficient.

Transport Authorities

Connect the moving parts of your system with centralised, scalable technology to collect, communicate and analyse comprehensive operational data. Gain all information necessary to ensure that services are delivered according to required benchmarks.

Transport Operators

Improve safety, security, ease of use, frequency and on-time running to ensure passengers reach their destinations as quickly and smoothly as possible. Keep customers informed with accurate real-time information; manage disruptions and special events more efficiently.


Meet expectations by delivering frequent, on-time services supported by accurate real-time communications: before travel, street side and on board. Provide easy ticketing access and enhance the passenger experience to make public transport the preferred choice.


Provide accurate real-time information to drivers, depot control centre and passengers through automated communications. Reduce time spent on manual communications by optimising in-vehicle and external signage to convey current operations.

Service Controllers

Reduce the number of manual tasks that need to be completed to enable more effective, quicker communication between system controllers and drivers. Enable control centres to communicate with vehicles collectively or drivers individually for quick incident response.

Executive Management

An integrated central source of data for reporting and statistics helps manage operator contracts to ensure they meet KPIs. ITS allows for consistency in the delivery of services across large, multi-operator networks, optimising operations to increase efficiency.

Customer Testimonials

Intelligent Transport Systems
Trapeze AVLC provides a common bus management and monitoring platform across all operators, with facilities for the Singapore LTA to monitor and measure performance across 6,000 buses.

Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA)

Intelligent Transport Systems
"Within London, we couldn’t operate the bus network in the way that we do without having good, effective ITS systems underneath our operation … We’ve expanded the use of the [Trapeze] system to become what’s seen as one of the most accurate real-time information systems anywhere in the world."

Simon Reed, Head of Technical Services Group
Transport for London (TfL), United Kingdom

Intelligent Transport Systems
“The major iBus project by LBSL entails data and voice connections for the world's largest ITCS solution. Implementation of the project would not have been possible without the know-how, support and commitment of our main partner Trapeze."

Paul Fitzpatrick, Technical Services Group
London Bus Services Limited (LBSL), United Kingdom

Enterprise Resource Planning
“Since the introduction of real-time passenger information in 2001 the Brighton & Hove Bus & Coach Company Ltd. has been able to manage the fleet and provide information to the public in ways never before possible.”

Mike Best, Operations Director
Brighton & Hove Bus and Coach Company, United Kingdom

Intelligent Transport Systems
“Customers benefit from unified information installations such as real-time announcement systems, protected transfers, displays at stops and improved incident management.”

Peter Flury, Head of the VBZ-Control Centre
Verkehrsbetriebe Zürich, Switzerland

Intelligent Transport Systems
“Our primary system is the Trapeze LIO system. This allows us to track our fleet and ensures our passengers are on time. We are able to ensure that our passengers have a smooth, safe trip and punctual efficiency. So it’s a reliable system that the city can use as well as the public.”

Imelda Matlawe, Acting Executive Project Manager
City of Tshwane, South Africa

“We can provide passengers with real-time information as would be possible by a conventional control centre. But we also have the advantage that we need less staff to keep the system. For a small region like Schaffhausen, a control centre would not have been possible.”

Marcel Seelhofer, Operation and Maintenance
Verkehrsbetriebe Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Intelligent Transport Systems
“The AVLC is the most important dispatching instrument for our vehicles. Passenger information at the stops is guaranteed at all times thanks to the large number of DPI signs – especially when it comes to light rail vehicles. In the vehicles, passengers are promptly informed of special situations acoustically.”

Dirk Scholz, RBL Project Manager
Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe AG

Intelligent Transport Systems
“After setting up a digital radio system, upgrading vehicle components and migrating the control centre software, DVB now boasts a comfortable platform for secure management of operations and passenger information at stops, in vehicles and through new media.”

Ullrich Funk, Centre Manager of Transport Operations
Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG

Intelligent Transport Systems
“Verkehrsbetriebe Luzern AG brings passengers forward. Throughout the whole Lucerne region, we bring people together who want to be together. We have an obligation to provide local public transport. We see ourselves as a public service company, offering transport services and market responsibility from a single source.”

Beat Nater, Works Manager
Verkehrsbetriebe Luzern AG

Intelligent Transport Systems
“With the new control system by Trapeze, we can provide real-time passenger information when there are deviations from normal operations. Specific intervention on the part of the dispatchers also helps to considerably improve punctuality. Other positive points include automatic transfer protection and the clear layout for dispatchers.“

Bernd Strohm, Head of Operations Control
SWU Verkehr GmbH

Intelligent Transport Systems
“The AVLC from Trapeze allows us to centrally coordinate four cities and four rural areas across three counties. We use standardised modern on-board equipment including the latest in on-board computers. Our passengers particularly like the SmartInfo signs at the stops."

Dr Peter Raue, AVLC Project Manager
Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH

Intelligent Transport Systems
“Hochbahn wishes to noticeably improve the quality of local public transport for customers by means of drastically improved passenger information and sustained transfer protection. The positive reactions of passengers show that we‘re on the right track with FIMS.”

Jens Müller, Project Manager
Hamburger Hochbahn

Intelligent Transport Systems
“We are constantly expanding our programme to offer our passengers the best service possible. Needless to say that our operations control system is constantly upgraded to the latest state of the art. One central focus of attention in this respect consists in improving quality by expanding real-time passenger information."

Oliver Benz, Quotation and Operations Business Unit Manager
Freiburger Verkehrs AG

Intelligent Transport Systems
“We are proud to announce that in Johannesburg we have successfully installed the first ever Advanced Public Transport Management System on the African continent. The APTMS offers passengers of the new ‘Rea Vaya’ Express Bus Service a new level of comfort and reliable travel information.”

Ronald Salis, Project Manager
Questek Transit Technologies

Intelligent Transport Systems
“BVB have upgraded control centre technology to the latest state of technology. The control centre is now better integrated with various interfaces, making it ready for future further developments.”

Arne Schöllhorn, Head of AVLC
Basler Verkehrs-Betriebe, Switzerland

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