Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Ferry

ERP tailor-made for ferry and multimodal transport - providing a central source of information for your organisation.

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Ferry Resource Planning – Streamlining and Centralising Your Data

Ferry operators face challenges such as providing safe and reliable services, while maximising efficiencies and reducing costs. The logistics of running a ferry operation are often complex. Moving your organisation onto a single technology platform to manage your business and all your resources will improve efficiencies, and help leverage your data for regulatory compliance, contract management and business intelligence. Trapeze Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is tailor-made for the public transport industry, and can be customised for your needs, challenges, and regulatory requirements. 

Our integrated technology solutions help ferry authorities and operators manage assets and resources within a centralised platform. These assets include vessels, maintenance barges, land infrastructure (pontoons, jetties), dry dock facilities, on-board equipment, and other structures. The result is streamlined business processes, reduced risk and effective and reliable service delivery.



Watch this short explanatory video for an overview of the Trapeze Enterprise Resource Planning solution capabilities.

Gain Efficiencies with a Single Source of Information

The Trapeze ERP software system comprises several modules that can be installed together or be used individually, depending on your needs and implementation strategy. Our ERP solution is open technology that can integrate with other Trapeze solutions such as Planning & Scheduling, as well as third-party hardware and software to manage all aspects of ferry operations – including maintenance, human resources, finances, and payroll.

Trapeze Ferry Enterprise Resource Planning System Capabilities

Create a single source of truth to enable information sharing and streamline processes across your ferry operation.

Ferry Fleet Management

Manage assets and resources and integrate information sharing for better maintenance decision making. Automatically transmit defects from crew to maintenance facilities, monitor maintenance histories and manage service schedules. Gain control over inventory tasks such as ordering and stocktake.

Operations & Workforce

Efficiently manage your ferry shifts, produce effective rosters, and meet award compliance. Enable performance monitoring and improve crew management by empowering employees - communicate with staff via multiple devices to view shifts and rosters, and log defects in real-time.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet fatigue management requirements, and accurately determine salaries by incorporating EBA rules and individual entitlements. Monitor, meet and report on compliance benchmarks by accessing data from multiple departments including ferry fleet analysis – detailing costs per nautical mile, and cost per asset.

Finance & Payroll

Streamline and automate complex EBA rules, entitlements, and allowance calculations, and undertake complicated payroll scenarios.  Provide accurate and up to date information to all staff, reducing administrative duties such as responding to payroll or leave queries. Administer and control purchase orders, invoicing, billing, and inventory.

Business Intelligence

Extract full data records and produce reliable reports quickly, like ferry fleet running costs. Gain holistic business views with insights provided from a single data source, or ‘source of truth’. Provide senior management level reports based on verified data and enable strategic decision-making.  Deliver clarity about your business across all departments. 

Tailor-Made for Transport

Simplify operations by automating tasks, eliminating duplication, and digitising records using a ferry and multimodal transport-specific ERP software solution. Achieve longer asset lifespan, better use of workforce time and resources, shorter asset downtime, streamlined maintenance interchanges, and improved operations.  Our open technology integrates seamlessly with third-party hardware.

What Role Do You Play?

See how Trapeze ERP solutions for ferry and multimodal transport deliver benefits across your organisation.

Ferry Fleet Management

Use mobile solutions to inspect, record and report on vessel condition and land assets from any location, providing real-time data to all departments, improving safety, performance, and reliability. 

Operations & Workforce

Improve crew management with the dispatch tool, empower staff to view shifts, and log defects for maintenance crews in real-time. Manage crew shifts and rosters, and monitor award compliance. 

Executive Leadership

Examine your ferry business to gain ‘the big picture’ – including operational and performance data. Gain the ability to analyse large datasets rapidly to derive business intelligence and insights, identify trends over time and improve business performance.

Financial Administration

Automatically determine and calculate entitlements and crew salaries by referencing complex award agreements. Eliminate duplication and minimise manual data entry processes, and manage all financial transactions within a single, centralised system. 

Information Technology

Trapeze ERP modules are integrated into a single, commercial-off-the-shelf system with a proven track record. Enable your IT team to focus on day-to-day business activities to promote efficient resource allocation and reduce costs. 

Safety & Compliance

Enable crew to report defects in real-time and allow maintenance crews to assess asset condition and repair schedules. Recognise fatigue management breaches, determine implications and corrective solutions. 

Customer Testimonials

Enterprise Resource Planning
“The biggest win was knowing that our data was more accurate. We were able to meet our KPIs more efficiently, avoid fines and save costs with Trapeze.”

Jamie Klemm, Managing Director
Sapphire Coast Buslines, Australia

Enterprise Resource Planning  Planning & Scheduling
“I don’t think there’s anything much better out there. It’s a brilliant system and I’d certainly recommend it to anyone in the bus or tram industry.”

Steve O’Callaghan, General Manager Network Planning
Ventura Bus Lines, Australia

Enterprise Resource Planning  Planning & Scheduling
“We have been using the Trapeze Planning & Scheduling software and Enterprise Resource Planning system in Western Australia and South Australia for over 20 years.”

Jonathan Cook, Managing Director
Keolis Downer, Australia

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