The Industry Challenge

Communicate key information to all stakeholders involved in ambulance services

Good communication is vital in the pressurised environment of ambulance services. Ambulance management solutions help communicate key information to all stakeholders, reducing misunderstandings and improving safety and patient outcomes.

When mobilising resources to meet response targets and improve patient outcomes, ambulance service organisations are attempting to balance the safety of staff against the requirement to rapidly make decisions on how resources should be deployed.

Ensuring the safety of staff and making the best decisions is best achieved by connecting people and vehicles at every step along their journey. Our solutions help ensure there are no misunderstandings, that information is clear and that paramedics are safe throughout the connected journey.

The connected journey

Trapeze’s Ambulance Management Solution

Trapeze connects the vehicle paramedic, control centre and hospital through its MDT in-vehicle hardware, solution, communications interfaces and advanced dashboards. All ambulance service stakeholders are connected at each stage of the journey, by providing access to the critical information they need when they need it. The ambulance management solution helps you improve patient response times, enhance patient outcomes and helps ensure paramedics’ safety. Trapeze’s reliable, robust solution helps ambulance services collect and deliver vital information to all stakeholders at each stage of the journey, ensuring:

Fleet visibility and efficiency

Select the closest appropriate ambulance. Ensure maximum possible vehicle coverage and deliver critical communications to all stakeholders.

-Helps the CAD dispatch the closest, available ambulance, accessing satellite and mobile data for maximum possible coverage

Highly informed crew journey

​Guides crews to the job, with the information they need about the patient and situation, delivered across multiple channels. Connect all stakeholders.

In-vehicle display shows
- Job details and location
- Optimised route via GPS
- Job updates: address, patient information, ...

Patient and crew safety on site

​With multi-layer safety monitoring and communication systems that deliver alerts and better information for paramedics

- Paramedics can easily update their status
- They can use distress buttons to alert if help is needed

Optimal vehicle routes

​Helps guide paramedics to the best hospital for the patient, based on an optimised route, with the right patient information ahead of arrival.

Information on:
- Which hospital can deal with this case
- How many ambulances have been
at different hospitals
- Optimal route to hospital
- Alerts hospital they are on the way and provides relevant information

Improved vehicle maintenance

​Knowing detailed information about each vehicle and its time on the road allows you to maximise your available fleet.
Know how fast it has travelled, how many kilometres, and track vehicle data such as if break pads need changing.
Know issues that need dealing with so you can ensure you are ready for the next call out

Business analysis and improvement

Know all key information relating to response times and more, so you can see where the issues are
and address them
-See response times, outcomes,
and illnesses by geography
-Improve training and compare with targets

How Trapeze helps key stakeholders

With so many different people involved in the critical outcome of the patient, it’s important that everyone has access to the information and communications they
need along the patient’s journey. This is how we help different stakeholders throughout the journey.


What Trapeze Customers are saying:

Trapeze has lots of experience in this sector and the knowledge they’ve gained is priceless. IT for emergency services is about harnessing the way we work, and I think Trapeze has done that.

Tim Blake, Operational Support Manager
New South Wales Ambulance, Australia

Trapeze technology and experience is pivotal to helping us realise our connected journey strategy.

Kim Fazackerley
Manager of Technical Services, Ambulance Tasmania