Trapeze Ambulance Management Solution (TAMS)

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Optimising 'the Connected Journey'

Modernise your ambulance service with TAMS. This innovative technology is a full, end-to-end solution providing ambulance service providers with the critical information they need when they need it – empowering data-based decisions at every stage.

As an ambulance-specific information and communication hub, TAMS supports better decisions for all stakeholders to optimise 'The Connected Journey' including:

  • The control and operations centre
  • Paramedics, volunteers and multi-disciplinary teams
  • Aeromedical and vehicles
  • Clinical handover

Explore the capabilities of the Trapeze Ambulance Management Solution.

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Manage critical information and make better decisions

Improve patient response times by providing real time information and support to enable clinicians to get there faster.

TAMS enhances patient outcomes by delivering constant access to more patient information. Business intelligence dashboards support business decisions, integrated patient care records (ePCR), training programs, and continuous improvement. It improves paramedic safety by providing alerts of potential danger and duress alarm options. Other functions include vehicle monitoring and maintenance, asset management, and automated, efficient processes.

The Trapeze Ambulance Management Solution (TAMS)

Support your team with a proven solution that delivers accurate, real-time data and business intelligence.
Empower your stakeholders to make data-driven decisions, influencing outcomes at every stage.

Our technology is tailor-made to connect all ambulance stakeholders.

The Connected Control Centre
and Operations

The Connected Paramedic

The Connected Vehicle

The Connected Clinical Destination

Integrated Capabilities: Connected Paramedic

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Integrated Capabilities: Connected Vehicle

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Integrated Capabilities: Patient Care Records (iPCR)

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Integrated Capabilities: Business Intelligence

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Integrated Capabilities: Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services Software

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Trapeze TAMS Capabilities for Ambulance Authorities

Streamline processes and share accurate, critical information quickly from a single source of truth.


TAMS provides ambulance stakeholders with accurate information on the location, patient, and situation across multiple channels. The vehicle is a central information hub, feeding real-time data to the control centre, paramedics, other vehicles, and hospitals. TAMS ensures the maximum possible coverage using single or multiple data connectivity using wireless broadband (3G, 4G, 5G), satellite, and radio networks. It also delivers stable and secure critical communications, including remote areas. It integrates with your existing technologies and third-party suppliers, including Computer Aided Dispatch systems.

Data Aggregation and Insights

TAMS is a central data aggregation and analysis platform that provides meaningful insights from a single source of truth. It presents reliable, real-time data to multiple stakeholders, enabling them to make better decisions at every stage of the ‘Connected Journey’. Know key information relating to response times, outcomes, and more, so you can identify issues and address them promptly. 

In-Vehicle and Other Displays

In-vehicle displays show paramedics the job details and location, and a GPS optimised route to the scene. Real-time job updates and patient information are provided, as well as information on hospital availability and suitability. TAMS enables the ‘Connected Journey’ through its reliable and stable Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) in-vehicle hardware and software. The MDT can also sync with portable devices including tablets and mobile phones. To date, Trapeze has integrated the MDT with over 30 vehicle types.

Paramedic Communications and Management

Manage the entire paramedical team throughout the entire shift and always keep them connected to the control centre. Automate and digitise pre- and post-shift procedures. During incident response, guide the closest, most appropriate ambulance crew to the scene via optimised routes. Know the location of all your vehicles and respond to duress calls quickly. Paramedics can easily update their status and access distress buttons – inside and outside the vehicle.

Vehicle Maintenance

Have visibility across operations via customisable, real-time dashboards. Automatic vehicle location provides data on every ambulance.  Additional vehicle integration is done on fleet vehicles including idle time, fuel consumption, driving patterns and equipment condition.  This data can be transferred into fleet maintenance software to give insights on fleet utilisation to streamline maintenance activities. Maximise availability, rotate vehicles between high and low demand areas, conduct predictive maintenance, and reduce maintenance costs.

Integrated Patient Care Records

Known as Trapeze MobiMed, the TAMS iPCR provides a real-time, collaborative workspace for clinical outcomes across the broader health system. You are not restricted working within network coverage – the system is designed for this. Key capabilities include decision support, ED cohort management, mass casualty care episodes, patient history, telehealth, multi-leg incident response, remote patient monitoring, business intelligence, integrated monitoring, medication module and out of hospital care to empower clinicians and improve patient outcomes and safety.

How Trapeze TAMS helps key Ambulance stakeholders

See how the Trapeze Ambulance Management Solution delivers benefits for ambulance stakeholders.

Control Centre & Operations

Know where vehicles are in real-time and prioritise and dispatch the closest, most appropriate ambulance quickly while monitoring incident progress. Keep running costs as low as possible by optimising operations. Increase fleet availability and minimise downtime by knowing diagnostic information and issues as soon as they happen. Analyse large datasets rapidly to derive insights, identify trends over time and improve performance.

Frontline Services

Allow paramedics to reach patients quicker and provide informed responses. Keep paramedics always informed of critical details, so they are prepared for every medical emergency. Provide an optimised route to the right destination. Enhance paramedic safety by keeping them constantly connected so additional help is provided when necessary. TAMS also keeps track of personnel records, including training courses and skills.

Fleet Managers

Ensure there are enough ambulances available, and the fleet is always ready to respond quickly, is fully functional and properly equipped. Insights and actionable data insights sourced from telematics and telemetry enable condition-based maintenance. TAMS  helps ambulance authorities reduce running and maintenance costs and increase vehicle lifespan due to better fleet visibility.

Executive Management

Examine your ambulance operations to gain ‘the big picture’ – including operational and performance data. Sophisticated reporting helps manage ambulance fleets better, so informed decisions are made. Help your authority succeed by ensuring paramedic safety and improving patient outcomes.

Duty Managers

Easily plan paramedic shift times for your ambulance station to meet regulatory and compliance conditions. Automate pre-shift and sign-on/off procedures to enable consistency and provide an auditable trail. Analyse statistics and trends to improve services, identify training needs, and know how you are doing against targets. Access a full history of ambulance locations and communication history.

Clinical Handover

TAMS helps paramedics determine the closest, most appropriate hospital for the patient, based on their medical condition. TAMS helps hospital staff prepare for a patient’s arrival by providing speedy transfer of patient information, ensuring they have the appropriately qualified staff and medical equipment available. This minimises wait times, further improving patient outcomes.

Customer Testimonials

"Trapeze technology and experience is pivotal to helping us realise our connected journey strategy"

Kim Fazackerley, Manager of Technical Services
Ambulance Tasmania

Emergency Response
"Trapeze has lots of experience in this sector and the knowledge they’ve gained is priceless. IT for emergency services is about harnessing the way we work, and I think Trapeze has done that."

Tim Blake, Operational Support Manager
New South Wales Ambulance, Australia

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