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Manage and analyse large volumes of data to generate optimal planning and scheduling outcomes.

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Improve On-Time Performance, Increase Passenger Convenience

Accurately planned networks, timetables, schedules and rosters are at the core of any successful bus operation. Bus planning and scheduling tasks need to consider multiple factors to meet regulatory compliance, operate within set budgets and meet service level requirements to deliver better passenger experiences. 

Our Austrics planning and scheduling software solution tailor-made for bus, operators and authorities can leverage comprehensive, accurate data to create workable schedules that determine business viability and running costs. Scenario modelling anticipates and provides a plan for all eventualities, deriving multiple cost outcomes based on variations including vehicle types, driver skills and regulatory compliance. 

Austrics provides the ability to perform modelling on existing operational conditions and also the ability to respond to tenders for new regions with an adaptive, flexible solution that delivers time-critical business decisions to improve services and increase business efficiency. 

The AUSTRICS Optimiser simultaneously optimises vehicle and crew schedules for great results.

Work with a Single Platform – One Source of Data

Increase passenger convenience by providing services created to meet thresholds and provide accurate data to agencies, including transport authorities for time-sensitive customer-facing apps and information displays.

Our Austrics Planning & Scheduling software provides powerful built-in algorithms that can analyse large volumes of data quickly and efficiently and generate efficient, profitable networks, timetables, rosters and services. See the Austrics Optimiser software in action here.

Trapeze Bus and Crew Planning & Scheduling Capabilities

Austrics - a world leading solution for Route Planning, Fleet, Crew Scheduling and Rostering.

Trapeze Bus Planning & Scheduling Capabilities

Optimise crew, fleet, rosters and network planning for maximum efficiency and customer convenience.

Network Planning

Quickly define routes with precise key data such as depots, termini, timing points, vehicle stops and landmarks, using geographical coordinates. Replicate common route segments throughout the network, automatically calculate running times and distances for service routes or vehicle repositioning between termini and depots.

Fleet Planning

Control your timetable by integrating rules and operational preferences to produce the best possible timetable and optimal fleet size. Quickly revise services or schedules and spend less time on fleet management tasks. Improve fleet use by measuring and analysing multiple variables including route kilometres, depot dispatches, departures and arrivals, and vehicles in traffic.

Roster Planning

Build multiple rosters and optimise costs over the long term with an interactive tool to set and match user-defined shift types and input, update and edit leave patterns automatically or manually. Make manual roster adjustments, validate completed rosters, calculate costs and track statistics in motion. Optimise personnel to create balanced workloads and prevent overlap.

Integrated Data

Eliminate double-handling of information – work with a one-stop environment. Integrate a single Trapeze module with your current operations, or choose multiple applications for a complete enterprise system with information from all modules available across the suite. Streamline operations and timetables using integrated vehicle timetabling, driver scheduling and crew rostering tools.

Crew Optimisation

Reduce the complexity of creating optimised crew schedules. Easily build schedules according to shift types, pay rules or enterprise bargaining regulations. Integrate schedules with vehicle timetables to meet unique scheduling parameters. Adapt schedules to fit specific needs and make seamless updates to address changing priorities.

Fatigue Management

Create shifts that meet fatigue guidelines, incorporating operational conditions such as shift length, meal breaks, on-road rest breaks, driver qualifications and rosters. Meet national heavy vehicle or enterprise agreement legislation and user-defined parameters. Ensure all planning and scheduling outputs comply with legislative requirements without impacting service delivery or business performance.

How Trapeze helps key stakeholders

The capabilities of a planning and scheduling tool tailor-made for bus organisations deliver benefits across multiple business roles.


Streamline scheduling tasks by integrating rules, preferences and enterprise bargaining agreements. Automate complex tasks and respond quickly to last-minute changes or incidents to keep the network running smoothly and to schedule.

Human Resources

Gain access to accurate weekly or fortnightly rosters to manage staff schedules and provide legally-verifiable information. Deliver greater roster visibility and create balanced workloads that fulfil staff, industry and authority compliance and meet legislative thresholds.


Leverage insights from planning and scheduling to ensure adequate vehicle availability for daily operations, including peak services. Integrate planned and current maintenance bookings to match timetabled fleet requirements.


Feed data directly to transport authorities and third-party applications to meet data management and data-sharing requirements. Provide accurate information for passenger apps, displays and timetables.


Maximise vehicle resources and meet service requirements through strict operational controls such as minimum and maximum vehicle deployment, kilometre cost by vehicle type, running costs and running time by fleet. Leverage accurate information to help win bids and contracts.

Executive Management

Leverage on-demand statistical reports and roster summaries to gain a clear view of business performance. Use powerful data analytics to identify fleet performance improvement opportunities, and apply best-in-class algorithms and what-if scenarios to help win tenders for new routes.

Customer Testimonials

Planning & Scheduling
“We saved somewhere around $100,000 a year by looking at our schedules, moving a few things around and changing relief points, and it was sort of a day’s work.”

Elliott Agate, Planning & Logistics Manager
Howick & Eastern Buses, New Zealand

Planning & Scheduling
“By using Trapeze software we have brought down the manpower cost by almost 4%.”

OP Gupta, General Manager
Brihan-Mumbai Electric Supply & Transport Undertaking, India

Enterprise Resource Planning  Planning & Scheduling
“I don’t think there’s anything much better out there. It’s a brilliant system and I’d certainly recommend it to anyone in the bus or tram industry.”

Steve O’Callaghan, General Manager Network Planning
Ventura Bus Lines, Australia

Enterprise Resource Planning  Planning & Scheduling
“We have been using the Trapeze Planning & Scheduling software and Enterprise Resource Planning system in Western Australia and South Australia for over 20 years.”

Jonathan Cook, Managing Director
Keolis Downer, Australia

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