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Electronic Patient Care Records - the South Central Ambulance Service (UK) Experience

Find out how Electronic Patient Care Records help the South Central Ambulance Service in the UK deliver better services and improve patient outcomes.

Digital Twins – How They Enhance Prehospital Care and Improve Patient Outcomes

Find out how the real world can be represented in the digital world via Digital Twins to enhance connected journeys and influence patient outcomes.

Queensland Ambulance Service Joins Trapeze for Restart a Heart Day

Wayne Loudon from the Queensland Ambulance Service explains why early intervention using CPR and AEDs are critical to saving someone from a sudden cardiac arrest

CAA/Trapeze Webinar: Connecting Clinicians and Data to Influence Patient Outcomes

Watch our webinar with CAA on Connecting Clinicians and Data to Support Patient Outcomes and find out the important takeaways.

Coffee Conversations – with Eve Ash

Say hello to Eve Ash. She’s currently researching how to streamline paramedic daily working processes that support managers to track responder safety, wellbeing, and hospital handovers using real-time data collection and analysis.

Data Driving Decisions Throughout the Patient Journey

Find out what data and analytics can be used to empower all stakeholders to make more informed decisions, and its capabilities to create efficiencies at every stage of the patient journey.

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Creating a Bright Future for Rail Travel

Trapeze is integrating Planning and Scheduling (TrainPlan) and Connected Driving Advice Systems (Energymiser) to add value to rail operations

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What are Intelligent Transport Systems?

Find out how Intelligent Transport Systems solve some of the key challenges faced by transport authorities and operators, and improve passenger experience.

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What Will the Ambulance Service Look Like in 2050?

Discover the future vision in this industry-led whitepaper.

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After COVID-19: The Future of Public Transport

Hear what experienced global public transport leaders are predicting.

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