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Case Study – MRT Corp. Rail Enterprise Asset Management System

MRT Corp. implemented Trapeze’s Enterprise Asset Management Solution to increase asset efficiencies and reduce maintenance costs.

The Trapeze Approach to Better Rail Asset Management

Discover the advantages an EAM tailor-made for rail has over generic EAM systems.

How To Take Control Of Your Rail Asset Data for Better Maintenance outcomes

Find out why having easy-to-use datasets is essential for rail asset maintenance.

The Smart Transport Infrastructure Revolution – The Future of EAM

Public transport asset management is transforming to condition-based and predictive paradigms. It’s the future of EAM.

Rail Express Article: EAM – A Deep Understanding

Find out how Keolis Commuter Rail Service and the Chicago Transportation Authority are using EAM.

On-Demand Webinar: The Future of Public Transportation After COVID-19

Watch this on-demand webinar recording for insights from public transport leaders on the future of public transport after COVID-19.

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The mobility model for a post-covid world?
Bus, Light Rail, Ferry

When public transport franchising for bus, light rail, and ferry operations makes sense.

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DAS is not just about saving fuel

Dive into KiwiRail's interview with Rail Express on its adoption of driver advisory systems - TTG Energymiser.

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Electric buses and how ITS will help

Find out why ITS technology is needed to manage the new complexities electric vehicles bring to bus fleets.

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Enhance pre-hospital care and improve patient outcomes

‘Digital Twins’ is a concept used in multiple industries. It’s where the physical world is represented in a digital environment to enable a way to view events in real time and provide insights after they happen. 

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