Whitepaper - What are Intelligent Transport Systems?

Find out how Intelligent Transport Systems solve some of the key challenges faced by transport authorities and operators.

Whitepaper - What are Intelligent Transport Systems?

David Panter, one of Trapeze’s Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) experts, explains how ITS technology can help solve public transport challenges for both authorities and operators – and deliver a great experience for passengers.

Whitepaper - What Are Intelligent Transport Systems - Their Significance for Public Transport Authorities, Operators and Passengers

You will find out in this whitepaper:

  • What ITS does, and how it works
  • How ITS has changed over time, and
  • The four ITS benefits that deliver significantly better public transport services.

ITS isn’t the future – it’s here already. ITS has been strategically used for many years in places like London, Singapore, and Zurich and is being rolled out in other cities around the globe.

By incorporating the right ITS technologies, authorities and operators have the tools to reduce costs, improve public transport perceptions, and deliver tangible service improvements for passengers.

About David Panter

David Panter has over 20 years of experience in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) with a focus on public transport, emergency services, and taxis. With a strong engineering and commercial background, David understands the issues involved with developing, delivering, and maintaining a modern ITS platform for both transport authorities and operators. David is responsible for helping Trapeze customers across Australia, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa realise the value inherent in Trapeze ITS solutions for buses, light rail, and ferries.

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