Whitepaper – Franchising: The Mobility Model for a Post-Covid World?

Find out when public transport franchising for bus, light rail, and ferry operations makes sense, including global examples, and the technology required to make it successful.

Whitepaper – Franchising: The Mobility Model for a Post-Covid World?

As the transport industry recovers from the damaging effects of COVID-19, it has been suggested that franchising could become more attractive - as it could help meet the challenges the industry now faces.

Franchising Model and Intelligent Transport Systems for Public Transport | Trapeze Group

With potentially less predictable demand, transport authorities may see greater control as a way to ensure the provision of efficient and reliable services. Bus, light rail, and ferry operators, some of whom have historically been lukewarm on the model, may well be more open to such an approach - welcoming the relative stability and minimising risk at a time where the profitability of routes is harder to predict.

From this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • The public transport franchising models around the world that could be adopted in your region.
  • The advantages franchise models have for both transport authorities and operators, and 
  • The technology required to ensure franchise model success, as seen in Singapore and London.

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