Data Science at Vy Norway - Enabling Efficient Planning & Operations

Peter Hausken from Vy Norway discusses how technology helps with short and long term planning for challenging conditions.

Data Science at Vy Norway - Enabling Efficient Planning & Operations

This webinar is Part 1 of a series called Optimising Rail Planning, Workforce Management, and Day of Operations in Times of Uncertainty.

The Vy Group is one of the largest transport groups in Norway and Sweden and is owned by the Norwegian government. Simplification is important when you have a large, variable, and geographically dispersed network that encounters changeable conditions throughout the year.

Vy Norway systems allow them to efficiently dispatch rolling stock and other resources to the areas where they are required. All of this occurs in real-time, and Vy can respond to plan deviations accordingly.

Peter Hausken, Special Advisor at Vy Rail, talks about how they have used technology to transform planning and scheduling, to deliver efficient services based on data and automation. Peter showcases how Vy gathers data and uses data science to generate insights to:

  • Optimise timetables
  • Monitor real-time traffic and deviations
  • Dispatch rolling stock and personnel to operations

Duration: 49 minutes

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