Webinar - Integrated Patient Records - Next Generation of ePCR Technology

Find out how Integrated Patient Records from Trapeze Group and Ortivus provide an end-to-end solution for ambulance services – from the emergency call to the hospital.

Webinar - Integrated Patient Records - Next Generation of ePCR Technology

Ambulance authorities globally face a large increase in demand which places more pressure on service delivery. Services now need to do more with less, and optimising operations as much as possible is more important than ever.  

Trapeze Group and Ortivus hosted a webinar on how technology can address these challenges, showcasing how the Trapeze Ambulance Management Solution (TAMS) is delivering a complete, end-to-end Integrated Patient Care Records (iPCR) solution for the prehospital sector – enabling a true ‘Connected Journey’ from an emergency call to the clinical handover.  

iPCRs allow all clinicians to quickly view vital real-time patient information across multiple services throughout the entire prehospital journey – otherwise known as a ‘shared single source of the truth’. They aid time-critical decision making, whilst enhancing incident response, resource mobilisation, paramedic effectiveness, and critical communications.   

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • How iPCRs dramatically transform prehospital sector effectiveness, including real-world case studies such as the South Central Ambulance Service (UK)
  • How iPCRs enable fast, accurate, and secure patient data transfer for all health stakeholders, and  
  • Why iPCRs maximise resource efficiency in the prehospital sector whilst improving patient outcomes. 

Explore our overview on how Trapeze is delivering the future of collaborative, integrated patient care records today.


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