Webinar - Future-Proofing Public Transport Through Innovative Leadership and Technology

Four public transport leaders shared their insights on how to future-proof their organisations using innovative leadership and technology.

Webinar - Future-Proofing Public Transport Through Innovative Leadership and Technology

Trapeze hosted a webinar on November 30, 2020, called Future-Proofing Public Transport Through Innovative Leadership and Technology.  

The webinar featured the below public transport leaders sharing how they have applied new technology and leadership strategies to future-proof their organisations:

Neil Scales OBE – Director-General, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads 

Neil discussed leadership best practices for challenging situations - and making your team excel during a crisis.

“I like to get out and about and it’s incredibly important. On the communications side, I’ve done 97 messages, 41 videos, 37 external stakeholder updates and I also opened a direct channel to the workforce – over 9,240 people, and they’ll receive a response within 48 hours, and you can ask about anything you want.”

Howard Collins OBE – Chief Operating Officer – Greater Sydney, Transport for NSW 

Howard outlined why technology is important to deliver future-proofed, integrated transport networks.

“We have a lot of data out there. We are pushing data to people when they want it, in real-time it so they can work out their journey. And that’s updated every 30 seconds by the way.”

Magda Robertson – General Manager, Torrens Connect

Magda shared her story of how technology has adapted and supported new tram operations during the pandemic in Adelaide.

“We’ve found that the data is telling us that the pandemic has had a dramatic impact on people’s mobility patterns. The biggest hotspot isn’t the city - it’s the community bases such as Glenelg where the shopping centres are - where people go for coffee or lunch because they are working from home.”

Paul Comfort – Vice President, Trapeze Group 

Paul outlined the global transport perspective, practical technology applications, and his predictions for 2021.

“Transit systems here in the US, Canada and Australia are looking for ways to future-proof their agencies. So, if there is a resurgence of this, or other future pandemics, we can be ready for it.” 

Ben Dvoracek, a Trapeze General Manager, moderated the webinar.

Watch now to view the recording.

Duration: 1 hour, 6 minutes 


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