Speed Up Timetabling with Decision Science Software

As the Australian rail sector deals with the challenges of COVID-19, rail planners are gaining new insights from Decision Science software to improve plans, schedules and timetables.

Speed Up Timetabling with Decision Science Software

Rail transformation is complex with infrastructure upgrades, planning, scheduling and timetabling all needing to take into account varying factors and unplanned disruptions.

COVID-19 hit the Australian rail industry with some of the most difficult challenges it has had to face in recent history.

Capacity requirements vanished overnight, along with revenues, and emergency measures were introduced, with constantly changing demands to keep up with government directives.

To carefully manage travel returns and economic recovery, rail planners and schedulers need accurate, real-time data to make fast decisions and keep services running efficiently and economically.

Decision Science tools provided by planning and timetabling software increases decision speed, reduces costs and maintains consistent, reliable services.

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