Howick & Eastern NZ Share Their Optimisation Success Story

Hear how the Trapeze Planning & Scheduling solution transformed business outcomes for this bus operator.

Howick & Eastern NZ Share Their Optimisation Success Story

Howick & Eastern Share Their Optimisation Success Story


Sheryll Otway, General Manager of Howick & Eastern Buses, talks about the difference that optimisation software has made to this Auckland-based business: not only can they now explore what-if options and find new ways to increase efficiency, they also saved $100,000 in costs.

Duration: 2 minutes

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Howick & Eastern Case Study

Video Transcript:

We’re Howick & Eastern and we’re a commuter, school and charter bus service based in East Auckland. We operate a hundred and seventeen routes and carry seven million customers a year. As we grew, it became more and more obvious that we needed the scenarios and other options that a planning scheduling software would supply. There comes a point where spreadsheets cannot achieve the results you need.

The Trapeze Planning & Scheduling solution just makes things so much faster. Once you set up your repositioning, your kilometres, your map data, it’s all ready to go – you just change your constraints and a few options, and you get a completely different scenario. It used to take around 6 weeks to create a single accurate, reliable solution for a service. Now it takes less than a fortnight.

Our planning team can create multiple scenarios with variations to optimise and ensure the solution proposed is the lowest cost overall and viable for us to run, and if anybody has additional what-if questions, they can create those scenarios in less than half a day. Because it’s so quick now to do this, schedule adjustments or changes to rosters are easier to do. We can accommodate timetable changes and redo them in one week instead of three.

Since it’s so easy now to run scenarios and optimise, we review our schedules now and again to make small adjustments and improve cost efficiency. We managed to save around a hundred thousand dollars a year by looking at our schedules, moving a few things around and changing relief points – it only took a day.

We also use the Trapeze solution to improve on-time performance. We get data from Auckland Transport, we analyse the trips that are performing poorly – we’ve been able to make adjustments and improve these trips, with some of them now a 100% on-time.

Trapeze’s Planning & Scheduling solution has helped our network planning team get more done quickly. Things that used to be too time-consuming like optimisation are now doable and we have a lot of confidence that the solutions we’re putting forward are accurate and viable.


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