Electric Buses and Intelligent Transport Systems – Explainer Video

Find out how Trapeze’s LIO-Volta Intelligent Transport Systems helps manage electric bus fleets.

Electric Buses and Intelligent Transport Systems – Explainer Video

Public transport authorities and operators across the world are accelerating the introduction of electric buses into their fleets to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve sustainability targets. 

Electric buses introduce new challenges for operators to consider, like limited vehicle ranges, charging times, and energy consumption fluctuations. But the vehicle itself is just the start of the challenge, with an entire electric bus management system required to ensure the fleet operates effectively. 

To address these challenges, Trapeze Group has developed LIO-Volta, part of our Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) solution, which is tailor-made to support the introduction of electric buses.  

In this explainer video, you will learn how LIO-Volta:

  • Manages electric bus fleets, taking into account factors like temperature, passenger counts, and route topography
  • Uses real-time data to forecast electric bus travel times and ranges
  • Optimises electric bus operations to prevent running out of charge mid-journey.


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