Taxi Transport Services – Trapeze Global Perspectives

Find out how taxis and eHailers can be seamlessly integrated to provide customers a great experience, while meeting congestion targets and reducing the number of overall trips.

Taxi Transport Services – Trapeze Global Perspectives

Taxi Service Providers across the world are faced with more challenges today than ever before. The worldwide impact of unregulated rideshare service providers has disrupted the traditional market in a way that no one was prepared for, resulting in reductions in revenue, and capital value. 

Imagine if you could integrate traditional taxi and eHail providers into the public transport mix. Intelligent integrated systems enable the flexibility of taxi and eHail, to seamlessly integrate their services according to the fixed-route service schedules. Cities and governments could focus on defining regulations driven by social goals to reduce congestion, meet environmental targets, and improve quality of life. 

If this is managed by transport operators, it can help reduce the overall number of trips on the road by drastically improving the delivery of first- and last-mile trips that integrate with major transport hubs.

Find out more with our Global Perspectives on Taxi Transport Services.

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