Smart Cities and Public Transport – Trapeze Global Perspectives

Are we, the public transport community, pushing mobility forward to a point that will make Smart Cities a reality?

Smart Cities and Public Transport – Trapeze Global Perspectives

When asked about the future of our cities, most people think of flying cars, robots, autonomous vehicles, and instant gratification making things available with a click of a button or a snap of the finger. Smart Cities is no longer a new concept, and as we progress closer and closer to the ‘Smart City’ reality, are we pushing the boundaries of what is possible? 

Autonomous vehicles and flying taxis are all within reach. But they won’t mean anything if we don’t build cities with mass transport at the forefront of the design. The Smart City will only exist if smart transportation is in the centre. Without a mobile city, all the information and cool features in the world won’t matter if people can’t move to where they want to go. 

Public transport is the heartbeat of a city. We need to make sure that we don’t make the same mistakes of our past and make these tools, these modes exclusive from one another. If we do that, if we lose sight of the importance of mobility and the interconnectivity of data and people, we will be in the same position as we are today, sitting in traffic in our flying cars. 

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