Transport for London Talks ITS and Multi-Operator Management

Learn how Transport for London overcame increased road congestion to continue providing reliable world-class services.

Transport for London Talks ITS and Multi-Operator Management

Transport for London Talks ITS and how it helps transport 7 million passengers daily

Transport for London operates the world’s largest public AVLC system, transporting over 7 million passengers daily. To overcome the challenge of increased congestion on the road and continue providing reliable services, Transport for London implemented real-time information generated by the Trapeze ITS and AVLC system to proactively monitor performance and take action to deliver services as passengers expect in 2011.

Flashback to the 2012 London Olympics
Trapeze's ITS technology was implemented in time for London to host the 2012 London Olympics. ITS helped Transport for London move 92 million bus passengers throughout the 17 days of the Olympics and 69 million people during the Paralympics.  The tech (which was installed on all of London’s 9,000 buses) helped improve the communication between dispatchers and drivers so that passengers got a much better experience and where they needed to go. Passengers continue to benefit today.

Listen to Simon Reed, Head of Technical Service Group, TFL talk to the benefits of the ITS technology.

Duration: 9 mins 16 secs

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