"Within London, we couldn’t operate the bus network in the way that we do without having good, effective ITS systems underneath our operation … We’ve expanded the use of the [Trapeze] system to become what’s seen as one of the most accurate real-time information systems anywhere in the world."

Simon Reed, Head of Technical Services Group
Transport for London (TfL), United Kingdom

Transport for London Talks ITS and Multi-Operator Management

Transport for London operates the world’s largest public AVLC system, transporting over 7 million passengers daily in Europe’s most populous city. To overcome the challenge of increased congestion on the road and continue providing reliable services, Transport for London uses the real-time information generated by the Trapeze ITS and AVLC system to proactively monitor performance and take action to deliver services as passengers expect.

Duration: 9 mins 16 secs
Transport for London Talks ITS and Multi-Operator Management

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