Rail Planning Lifecycle Explainer Video Series

Nov 04, 2020
Find out in this 4-part video series why rail organisations benefit from software across the planning lifecycle.

This video series explains how rail technology can benefit rail organisations across the planning lifecycle. Scroll through to find out how Trapeze integrated solutions can help make your short and long-term planning, rostering, resource planning, workforce management and day of operations more efficient – using software solutions tailor-made for rail.

Planning and Scheduling - Introduction

This explainer video shows how technology can increase the efficiency of rail planning and scheduling, while ensuring the outputs are optimal, conflict-free and valid, considering your constraints and rules.

Find out how Trapeze solutions support planners by providing intuitive, data-rich user interfaces through which they can quickly respond to disruption and changes. 

Improve Planning & Scheduling to Improve Operations & Reduce Costs

Our Rail Planning Solutions help rail operators to model, plan and manage the complexity of their operations with maximum efficiency.

From increasing capacity and continuity of service to the management of operational targets and resources, staff engagement and passenger satisfaction, our solutions will enable you to set, meet, measure and evaluate key business objectives.

Decision Science for Rail

Decision Science is transforming rail operations, harnessing powerful 'what if' tools to enable operators to effectively plan not only for the future, but also for new legislation, emergency possessions, and day-to-day disruptions - or any other factors affecting railway management.

This explainer video shows how Trapeze technology supports planners by providing intuitive, data-rich user interfaces through which they can quickly respond to disruption and changes.

Rail Workforce Management

When rail organisations need to react to unforeseen circumstances, the Trapeze Workforce Management Solution lets staff work in sync with connected data.

Through a clear Enterprise Rail Workforce Management (WFM) technology architecture and strategy, there is an opportunity to increase efficiency and improve planning, day of operations and service delivery.

This explainer video outlines how rail organisations save time and reduce costs with our off-the-shelf integrated workforce management solution tailor-made for rail and trams.

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