Technical Whitepaper – Radio Systems

Find out how an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Automatic Vehicle Location Control (AVLC) system integrates radio systems, and how it adds value to operations

Technical Whitepaper – Radio Systems

David Panter, one of Trapeze’s Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) experts, explains how Trapeze’s Automatic Vehicle Location Control (AVLC) system helps with voice communications across your public transport fleets.

This technical whitepaper describes the Trapeze AVLC radio system control as it might apply to public transport operations. You will find out:

  • Why voice radio is an important tool for coordinating your network.
  • How the Trapeze AVLC system integrates voice facilities into the fleet management system, and
  • How this integration helps dispatchers communicate with individual vehicles, ad-hoc vehicle groups, and route groups.

The whitepaper examines the system architecture, how the radios interface, and how calls are made in the control room and on the vehicle. Finally, the paper looks at how redundancy is implemented and what the future might bring for your public transport operations.


About David Panter

David Panter has over 20 years of experience in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) with a focus on public transport, emergency services, and taxis. With a strong  engineering and commercial background, David understands the issues involved with developing, delivering, and maintaining a modern ITS platform for both transport authorities and operators. David is responsible for helping Trapeze customers across Australia, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa realise the value inherent in Trapeze ITS solutions for buses, light rail, and ferries. 

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