“Our primary system is the Trapeze LIO system. This allows us to track our fleet and ensures our passengers are on time. We are able to ensure that our passengers have a smooth, safe trip and punctual efficiency. So it’s a reliable system that the city can use as well as the public.”

Imelda Matlawe, Acting Executive Project Manager
City of Tshwane, South Africa

How Tshwane Introduced a BRT in South Africa

The City of Tshwane began rolling out a bus rapid transport (BRT) network in 2007 and is expanding the system further to additional townships. Find out how this South African city provided its community with dynamic passenger information and controls the safety and reliability of its public transport services, including real-time incident management and driver monitoring.

Duration: 5 mins 2 secs
How Tshwane Introduced a BRT in South Africa

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