Case Study
“The last phase in the automatic vehicle location & control system for Würzburg consisted in commissioning the DPI signs. These keep our customers constantly aware of the benefits of the AVLC. The broad acceptance of the DPI signs as a modern information medium is confirmed anew every day.”

Bernd Karl, Head of Traffic Planning
Würzburger Strassenbahn GmbH


Trams form the backbone of Würzburg’s local public transport system. The route network covering around 20 kilometres has five routes with a total length of 42 kilometres. Würzburger Strassenbahn carries about 23 million passengers every year.


  • AVLC system
  • SmartInfo passenger information
  • Traffic light preemption


Transportation Service: Bus, tram

Location: Würzburg, Germany

Solution: Trapeze ITS

Download the full Würzburger Strassenbahn case study

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