Case Study
“We are constantly expanding our programme to offer our passengers the best service possible. Needless to say that our operations control system is constantly upgraded to the latest state of the art. One central focus of attention in this respect consists in improving quality by expanding real-time passenger information."

Oliver Benz, Quotation and Operations Business Unit Manager
Freiburger Verkehrs AG


Freiburg Verkehrs AG turned to Trapeze to upgrade their communications systems using fully automatic vehicle location and control system (AVLC), traffic light preemption, transfer protection and passenger information displays to provide punctual, reliable services


  • Automatic Vehicle Location and Control (AVLC) capabilities
  • Upgraded Real-Time Passenger Information signs (RTPI)
  • Traffic Light Preemption
  • Transfer protection


Transportation Service: Bus, Light Rail

Location: Freiburg, Germany

Solution: Trapeze ITS

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