Case Study
Cape Town's MyCiTi is a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service that provides quick public transport for residents on popular routes

The MyCiTi service aims to provide quicker transport to Cape Town’s citizens on main routes like the airport link or the table view trunk route. Fast articulated buses provide priority transport offering facilities such as electronic contactless ticketing for quicker boarding times, traffic light preemption at main junctions, and real-time passenger information in vehicles, at stops and via the Internet.


The Trapeze APTMS also integrates TFT passenger information signs at bus stations and terminals and improves passenger safety by virtue of video monitoring and emergency (panic) buttons in the buses.


  • Automatic vehicle location and control
  • Real-time passenger information
  • Video monitoring, emergency buttons


Transportation Service: Bus

Location: South Africa

Solution: Trapeze ITS

Download the full Cape Town IRT case study.

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