Rail Express Article: EAM – A Deep Understanding

Find out how Keolis Commuter Rail Service and the Chicago Transportation Authority are using EAM.

Rail Express Article: EAM – A Deep Understanding

In case you missed it, the August 2020 issue of Rail Express magazine published an article about how Keolis Commuter Services, Boston, and the Chicago Transit Authority use the Trapeze Enterprise Asset Management solution.

Find out more about how these global agencies are using the Trapeze solution to drive greater efficiencies in asset management, including:

  • Working with a single source of truth
  • How rail-specific workflows deliver better results
  • Using data from smart infrastructure

Original article published - https://www.railexpress.com.au/deep-understanding-eam-solution-rail-trapeze/


Rail Express Article

Transportation Service: Rail

Location: Chicago & Boston

Solution: Trapeze Rail EAM

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