Chicago Transit Authority Streamlines Operations with Trapeze Workforce Management

Jun 30, 2020
Trapeze’s WFM solution enables Chicago Transit Authority to be more efficient and accurate at forecasting deliverable service hours and manpower.

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) of Chicago, Illinois selected Trapeze to provide a centralised system to help automate CTA’s business processes and practices for its bus, rail and maintenance operations.

The Trapeze system for CTA includes a comprehensive workforce management solution with employee self-service options to support nearly 8,000 employees across more than 18 garages, terminals and facilities. The system is extended with a centralised business intelligence tool to improve visibility and reporting across CTA’s operations as well as an integrated customer complaints/comments module to help manage customer communications.

Trapeze Workforce Management is a unique transit software solution helping to streamline frequently performed operational tasks including bidding, dispatching, timekeeping, workforce management and yard management. It can be further enhanced with interactive voice response (IVR) access to work assignments and Web-based access to bidding requests, work assignments, employee information and more.

 “We are excited to start seeing the results of an automated system like Trapeze,” stated Kranthi Balaram, Senior Project Manager, Technology Management Division at CTA. “With the automation of dispatching and better accountability of service, we anticipate Trapeze making us more efficient, and being more accurate at forecasting our deliverable service hours and manpower.”

The operations management solution for CTA includes functionality that enables employee sign ups, dispatching of daily activities, timekeeping, yard management and workforce management. This solution can be enhanced to include software that allows operators to sign in at a kiosk or remote terminal and also securely view personal information online over the Web, including bidding requests, daily work assignments, timekeeping, and employee information.

The Trapeze solution is just one component of the Trapeze transit enterprise offering. The solution is integrated with several of CTA’s existing operational systems, including their current Trapeze Enterprise Asset Management solution to help enable improved workflow with maintenance. As part of Trapeze’s 360 degree vision, the solution can also be integrated with CTA’s third-party payroll, human resources management systems and other applications and data sources.

The CTA operates the second largest public transportation system in the United States and covers the City of Chicago and 40 surrounding suburbs, servicing approximately 1.6 million rides on an average weekday.

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