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Proven Solutions To Manage Rail Challenges

Rail organisations face a unique set of complex operational challenges including managing rolling stock, linear and infrastructure assets, large, diverse and often ageing workforces, heightened expectations from passengers and increasingly complex timetables that require multimodal integration.

Rail authorities and operators need to provide efficient schedules, safe and reliable operations, accurate information and improved passenger experiences to service an evolving population and ridership.

Rail is the only mode of transport capable of moving large numbers of people reliably at high speed. This ability to deliver mass transit over long distances, coupled with increased accessibility through technology such as Mobility as a Service, will ensure rail remains a critical mode of transport into the long-term future.

Hear from top transport CEOs on Transit Unplugged, including Howard Collins, previous CEO of Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink.

Integrated Technology Tailor-Made for Rail

Modernise your rail organisation and improve efficiency with proven, tailor-made Trapeze enterprise rail technology including solutions for Planning and Scheduling, Workforce Management, Day of Operations, AVLC, RTPI, Computerised Maintenance Management and Enterprise Asset Management.

Planning & Scheduling Solutions for Rail

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Workforce Management Solutions for Rail

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Intelligent Transport Systems for Light Rail & Tram

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Enterprise Asset Management for Rail

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Rail Operations

Optimise day-to-day performance and governance of rail operations, from workforce management, day of operations changes, yards to stations and rolling stock. Improve planning and scheduling, manage timetable changes, improve service efficiency, report on performance of contracts, reduce disruptions and minimise operating costs through an integrated solution.

Rail Maintenance

Manage maintenance and repairs on assets from rolling stock to catenary and wayside systems, signals and tracks, stations and signs. Improve asset maintenance scheduling and visibility and ensure staff and passenger safety with a rail-specific solution equipped to manage unique rail processes and workflows.

Rail Finance & Administration

Keep track of finances, investments, assets and costs to manage budgets. An enterprise rail solution helps improve capital planning, minimise costs and expenditure, accurately budget to forecast spending, support prudent decision-making, and better plan for asset and infrastructure investment. 

Technology & Systems

Balance support and maintenance with technology solutions that improve services and deliver more efficient operations. Enterprise rail solutions provide interfaces to existing systems with the ability to take the lead in modernising systems and enhancing platforms with intuitive rail-specific solutions to give users maximum value with minimal changes to existing workflows. 

Customer Experience

Provide on-time performance, ensure passenger satisfaction through service accessibility and convenience, optimise access to service information to provide a holistic experience and ensure customer-facing solutions are intuitive, easy to use, scalable and integrated. 

Executive Strategy

Manage growth, ensure network safety and optimise business performance with an integrated suite of enterprise rail solutions that empower change and drive transformation. Manage policy, strategic planning, asset utilisation and demand forecasting with fact-driven decisions to future-proof your rail organisation. 

Customer Testimonials

Rail Planning & Scheduling  
"Using the Trapeze software to run simulation models, Torrens Connect provided accurate optimised timetables that were quickly implemented without impacting operations."

Rachel Parkin, Service Delivery Manager
Torrens Connect

Rail Planning & Scheduling
"Despite the limitations of Covid-19, the Trapeze team continued their excellent development work and product support, to release a major software version that achieved very important business outcomes."

Peter Feistl, Project Manager
Metro Trains Melbourne

Intelligent Transport Systems
“The benefits for the customer include not only a ‘one ticket for all’ system but also transfer information across the borders of the individual transport agencies.”

Rolf Spring, Project Manager
VBZ and the entire ZVV Control System, Zurich

Enterprise Asset Management
"By utilising Trapeze for Track Inspection, we have visibility and accountability from the time a defect is discovered until it is repaired, all in one system. Trapeze has superior linear capabilities coupled with the ability to manage fleet, rail, stationary, component equipment units in the same program. While the story is one of improvement throughout Bus, Rail rolling stock, and Facilities, the gains made in managing our linear assets are exceptional."

Tim Elsberry, Assistant Director of Track & Structures
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), USA

Rail Planning & Scheduling
"The Trapeze solution provided SJ with a platform that supports both long-term and short-term planning, provides a master timetable, and interfaces to all internal and external SJ systems."

SJ Train, Sweden

Workforce Management
“With the optimisation module we can test several different scenarios in a short time and create several suggestions for duty plans.”

Nina Borgen, Payroll Coordinator
Keolis Norway

Workforce Management
“Rail planning and workforce management will never be good enough without the right tools and mindset. However, it will always continually improve when the right solutions are available to help execute good ideas. Trapeze’s workforce management technology allows us to develop plans that are grounded with facts and evidence, and we trust the system outputs and results.”

Araz Zeighami, Personnel Planning Manager – Train Division
Arriva Sweden

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