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Two leading e-health providers join forces to deliver integrated patient care for the prehospital sector.

Trapeze Expands Ambulance Solution With Integrated Patient Care Records

Two leading e-health providers join forces to deliver integrated patient care for the prehospital sector.

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, NOVEMBER [4], 2021 – Trapeze Emergency Services have teamed up with Ortivus to deliver solutions covering all aspects of patient care information, otherwise known as Integrated Patient Care Records (iPCR). Trapeze and Ortivus offer a unique workflow where all clinicians can view vital, real-time patient information across multiple services throughout the entire prehospital journey – a ‘shared single source of the truth’.  These integrated functions greatly reduce a paramedic’s workload, improves service efficiency, and overcomes ‘information isolation’. After a thorough market analysis, Trapeze recognised there is significant iPCR interest in the ANZ market. Ortivus’ patient monitoring and record solutions are an excellent fit as ANZ prehospital requirements are similar to other regions where Ortivus experience customer success.   

Trapeze is a leading provider of incident response, paramedic safety and mission-critical communication solutions for ANZ ambulance services. The Oritvus solution, Mobimed, enhances the highly successful Trapeze Ambulance Management Solution (TAMS), used by ambulance authorities in the region. MobiMed provides patient vital sign monitoring and records in real time to support clinical decision making and integrates with TAMS’ incident response, resource mobilisation, paramedic safety and critical communications functions. Adding MobiMed’s patient record functionality to TAMS enables fast, accurate, and secure data acquisition and retrieval, report standardisation, reduced documentation, and rapid patient data transfer and analysis for all health stakeholders. 

James Wetherall, Managing Director Emergency Services at Trapeze, said “Paramedics depend on current and timely data to achieve the best clinical results. The future of healthcare is centred on people with treatment innovation. In our vision of this future, process automation, enriched data, and analytics, as well as improved technology domains, delivers better health outcomes. Collaboration is key to merging ideas and opening markets to technology innovation.”    

There is a growing demand for innovations that increase efficiency and safety in prehospital care. Ambulance services collect large volumes of valuable patient and incident data but have limited analytical capacity beyond routine auditing and reporting, due to disconnected systems.   

Reidar Gårdebäck, CEO at Ortivus, said “We see great potential and mutual benefits with Trapeze, who are well established in the Australian and New Zealand markets. The beneficial combined offering can be provided to Trapeze’s existing clients and ambulance services in new territories.”

About Ortivus

With more than 30 years of experience in cardiology and medical technology, Ortivus is a market leader in solutions for patient monitoring and record keeping in prehospital care. Ortivus’ employee knowledge and commitment create value and success for their customers, making a difference in people’s lives. Learn more at

About Trapeze Asia Pacific Pty Ltd

We help public transport operators and authorities, public safety organisations and large-scale taxi enterprises address everyday pain points, save money, and improve customer experience using proven technologies. The efficiencies created through our solutions allow you to maximise your competitive advantage and enhance community outcomes. Learn more at

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