Trapeze / NSW Ambulance Project Featured in Critical Comms

Jan 25, 2018
We’re excited to share the news that our project with New South Wales (NSW) Ambulance was recently featured in Critical Comms, the public safety industry publication. Find out what they said here.

Trapeze / NSW Ambulance Project Featured in Critical Comms

Trapeze Group and New South Wales Ambulance (NSW Ambulance) worked together with the NSW Telco Authority to upgrade the rural ambulance fleet’s mobile data terminals (MDTs) over 2016 – 2017.

NSW Ambulance’s MDTs and their supporting technology was over a decade old. The system needed increasing levels of maintenance in order to keep critical functions such as duress alarms, vehicle location information and data network coverage up and running.

When the existing data radio networks were due to shut down, with a replacement service only available 24 – 30 months after decommissioning, NSW Ambulance knew an interim solution was vital to ensure that ambulance operations and critical communications could still take place.

The organisation used this event as an opportunity to replace the fleet’s end-of-life equipment and ICT infrastructure in what was called the Rural MDT Refresh Roll-Out Project. The project successfully upgraded 808 vehicles in nine weeks and was a finalist in the prestigious Council of Ambulance Authorities 2017 Awards for Excellence.

Geoff Waterhouse, senior project manager for the service’s Radio Telecommunications Capital Works Programme, told Critical Comms that NSW Ambulance was now in the middle of completing a metro roll-out that would mean ambulances in both rural and urban fleets are standardised.

“Standardisation allows greater flexibility and interoperability to move vehicles within the state, and provides cost benefits associated with having one managed service rather than two,” said Geoff.

The new technology and systems being put in place are also paving the way for innovation and modernisation.

Connected Clinician, quote by Geoff Waterhouse, NSW Ambulance

Geoff hopes to achieve intuitive systems and reliable platforms that will eliminate barriers to information, improved engagement with smart technologies and high capacity networks that will deliver the right data in a timely manner for emergency care.

We at Trapeze Group are ready and prepared to support NSW Ambulance on this journey.

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