Rail Solutions Asia 2017: Event Recap

Jun 23, 2017
This eye-opening event was held in Kuala Lumpur from 24 – 26 May 2017. We spoke about EAM in the Operations & Maintenance stream. Here's a summary of what happened. By Ben Dvoracek

Rail Solutions Asia 2017: Event Recap

Regarded by many as the best railway show in Asia, Rail Solutions Asia was one of the highlights of our events calendar. This eye-opening event was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 24 – 26 May 2017 and we were privileged to have a speaking spot on Enterprise Asset Management in the Operations & Maintenance stream. If you couldn’t go, read on to find out what happened:

A truly regional affair

There was an impressive number of participants from all around Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and India. There were local Malaysian dignitaries such as Dato’ Sri Azmi Abdul Aziz, Prasarana’s President & Group CEO; Dr. Prodyut Dutt, Chief Development Officer of SPAD; Dato’ Zohari Sulaiman, the CEO of Rapid Rail; and Ir. Ahmad Nizam Mohamed Amin Chief, the Chief Infra Services Officer of Prasarana. 10 Asian railway operators from Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam were also present, as well as speakers from as far abroad as Western Europe, Canada and Japan.

We also had the chance to talk to some industry members who would normally not be at trade shows, including the people who actually do hands-on track maintenance. They had come to see what was out there and learn about how other countries manage their rail networks. It was great to get the maintenance crews’ take on asset management and see the lightbulb go off when we explained how using an EAM would make their jobs so much easier.

Dominant themes
  • It’s all about condition – The future direction of asset maintenance is condition-based. Various speakers emphasised condition, condition rating and condition monitoring. Innovations in technical and business practices have made condition-based maintenance possible; it is clear that this is now considered the holy grail of optimised maintenance by many in the industry.
  • A region ripe and ready for advancement – The conference attendees’ thirst for knowledge and advice on how to do rail really well was incredibly impressive. With rail infrastructure in many areas of Asia either elderly or non-existent, revamps and new builds are happening thick and fast and the people in charge of these projects are keen to do asset management right.
  • Full lifecycle management – There was a lot of interest in managing assets throughout their full lifecycle to ensure that every asset lasts as long as expected and achieves its full potential. With so many new rail lines on the horizon, many of the people working on these projects want to start off on the right foot with full lifecycle asset management.
Key takeaways

Key takeaways on EAM from Rail Solutions Asia, 2017

Presentation by Trapeze Group

Christian McEntegart, Project & Business Manager of Trapeze partner Phoenix Asia, gave an excellent presentation on enterprise asset management.

Asset Management Toolbox: Using EAM to Manage Asset Condition and Performance

The main thrust of this presentation was to drive home that asset management is not just a compliance exercise and that EAM systems are for more than just the maintenance department.

True asset management is not just a once or twice per year exercise, but an everyday job. It isn’t just a task for the maintenance department, but involves numerous parts of the rail organisation including capital planning, the executives, finance and asset managers.

To be able to manage asset condition and performance, you need an EAM solution that acts as a single source of the truth and caters for different types of asset data in a way that is easy for your staff to collect, update and use. It should connect you to your asset data in real-time so that your decisions are not disconnected from on-the-ground reality.

A mature EAM solution will also support age-based decay curves, physical condition inspections and performance-based condition scores. The end result will be better-informed decisions and increased efficiencies that come from aligning asset management, capital planning and maintenance in a single system.

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It was really great to see so many people at Rail Solutions Asia who were keen to learn best practice and take lessons from implementations outside the region. The event was a fantastic venue to showcase successes from other parts of the world and provide the local rail industry with insight into how things are done overseas so they could learn from others’ experience.

Having the opportunity to educate people on an Enterprise Asset Management solution that is tailor-made for public transport was, as always, a pleasure. They were excited to see that there is a transit-specific system that doesn’t require extensive customisation to meet their industry’s needs.

If you’re eager to know what a difference an EAM made for rail could bring to your organisation, find out more here.

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