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Discover what happened at the joint SITCE and International Rail Conference!

SITCE 2018: Event Recap

Discover what happened at the joint SITCE and International Rail Conference!

This year’s LTA-UITP Singapore International Transport Congress and Exhibition (SITCE) took place from 9 – 11 July. If you weren’t able to go, here’s a quick summary of the event:


Asset Management in a Digital Era

The event focused on how digital technologies can transform the rail transport landscape and the need to innovate for a people-centric public transport system in order to improve the passenger experience.

I found that there was a consistent theme throughout the conference of making safety everyone’s main priority and the drive to leverage cutting-edge technology to implement true predictive maintenance for cost and efficiency benefits.

There was an industry-wide focus in Singapore on delivering world-leading operations and maintenance through innovative asset management.

As this year’s SITCE was being held as a joint event with the UITP International Rail Conference (for the first time in Asia!), there were many interesting talks on maintenance and asset management focussed specifically on rail organisations and the multitude of assets they own and operate.

Many of the sessions discussed condition-based maintenance (CBM), as well as full lifecycle management such as rolling stock life extension and obsolescence management.


SITCE 2018 Key Takeaways


Railways are moving from traditional preventive maintenance to condition- and risk-based maintenance.

There is a critical need rapidly developing for automation and decision support systems. Digitalisation is the way forward; this means enormous data will be generated and consumed and must be managed much faster to make sense of it.


Other Highlights

We saw a great mock-up of a futuristic central command centre for a transit authority that showcased numerous types of new technologies for rail.

There were also some vibrant and dynamic concepts of data analytics for enterprise asset management being displayed by ST Electronics.

We were also honoured to have Mr. Alan Chan Heng Loon, Chairman, and Mr. Ngien Hoon Ping, Chief Executive from the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) visit our stand on Day 1 of SITCE.

It was also fantastic to see familiar faces from SBS Transit, SMRT and MRT Corp at the conference.

On the fourth day, there were three technical site tours at Tuas West Depot, TEL Orchard Station and TEL Marina Bay Station.

The highlights of these tours were state-of-the-art technologies and methods used to tackle and address complex challenges, such as autonomous robotic movers, Mixed Reality (a hybrid of physical and virtual data) and ground freezing for soil stabilisation.



KL Rapid Rail Technical Visit

The study tour to Kuala Lumpur’s Rapid Rail took place right after SITCE. Sanxi Dong from the UITP China Liaison Office sent us a short summary of what took place:

The technical tour group was received by Rapid Rail representative, Abdul Rashid Abu Bakar from the CEO’s Office. The visit began with a guided ride of two lines, including the interchange stations of Light Rapid Transit (LRT) and the Ampang Line Office.

Rapid Rail’s expert gave the group a presentation (including a question-and-answer session) before Rashid took them to one of the depots.

At the depot, the rolling stock expert showcased Rapid Rail’s repair and maintenance activities, and answered the group’s technical questions on their China-made trains.

The tour ended with a ride on the Mass Rapid Transit (better known as MRT) Line 1.


Presentation by Trapeze Group

My colleague from Australia, Michael Scollo, presented in the Asset Management stream to an audience of over 100 people. Michael has over 15 years of enterprise asset management experience and is the EAM Industry Solutions Manager at Trapeze Group Asia Pacific.

Denver Transit’s Integrated Transit Operations Planning System

Denver Transit Operators (DTO) in 2016 were having difficulty meeting their on-time performance (OTP) targets due to a reactive culture in asset management. This unreliability led to declining passenger numbers.

This presentation revealed how DTO successfully harnessed IoT and EAM technologies to transform their maintenance culture from break-fix to condition-based asset management, and thereby achieved stunning results in improving their OTP and ridership.

Interlocking alert in asset management for rail

View the full presentation here



The future of rail is evolving and advancing fast. Smart assets are being deployed at a rapid rate and they are improving the way organisations maintain their assets.

However, this evolution requires modern back-end systems that can effectively tap into this data and process it to show a real return on investment.

Our presentation on DTO shows that it can be done with the right technology and commitment to change.

If you are interested in learning more about smart assets and emergent technology for rail, you may like this whitepaper.


Future Rail whitepaper

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