TEAMS module: Business Intelligence

Gain invaluable insights on taxi service performance.

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Transport Authority & Taxi Operator Insights

TEAMS integrates with numerous other technologies to give you a streamlined, whole-of-business system so your transport authority or taxi operation has access to useful and actionable insights. 'Big Data' is at the heart of TEAMS, which is used for sophisticated analysis and modelling. New and customised analytics are easily produced as TEAMS sources multiple data streams to deliver business critical information.


Due to the flexibility of TEAMS, the business intelligence possibilities are endless: you can customise and easily build the most beneficial dashboards for your business. Our clients have used TEAMS business intelligence to analyse driver behaviour, vehicle usage, traffic congestion, predicting demand and many other applications.


Find out how many bookings have been accepted and rejected throughout the day so you know that your services can meet demand. Booking data is available to view in real-time and can be analysed to identify trends that optimise operations.

Pick-Ups and Drop Offs

Gain useful information about where your most popular pick-up and drop off areas are to target taxi services. Knowing potential areas of high demand will help increase revenue for taxi operators and drivers.

Fleet Status

Always have complete visibility of where your taxis are at all times. Know how many vehicles have signed on, are currently engaged with active jobs, or are vacant. 

Fleet and Driver Performance

Gain a holistic view of individual driver and entire fleet performance to identify improvements and efficiencies. Performance metrics include revenue collected, the number of trips, total distance travelled, and total paid kilometres.


Enable real-time dashboards showing revenue collected from the total number of trips, and your paid kilometres. Dashboards also show the tolls charged and the number of tips provided from passengers. 

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