Integrated Capabilities: Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services Software

Easily plan and move non-emergency patients to their clinical destination and home with NEPTS.

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Enable Efficient Patient Transport Services

Trapeze’s NEPTS solution is our automated end-to-end software that helps manage non-emergency patient transport operations - being suitable for both government and private patient transport services. NEPTS allows transport providers to quickly build optimised and flexible schedules and dispatch functions that can be customised to suit individual needs. Other features include streamlining back-office processes such as resource allocation, billing, improving communication with staff, and enhancing patient services and experience. NEPTS is modular and scalable, which can easily grow with your patient transport business.

Patient Bookings

Allow call takers to view detailed patient information, including their individual requirements (e.g., vehicle type, mobility aids, carers, nursing staff) to make better decisions. NEPTS provides self-service capabilities and increased autonomy for patients and their caregivers to manage bookings and changes - via a user-friendly web portal and app. Patients and caregivers have more control over their trip information, personal profiles, and can examine past and upcoming trips. 

The web portal and/or associated app allows them to view the precise location of their approaching vehicle, and even request a pickup: all without having to call, providing a highly personalised experience. The delegate feature gives family members or medical facilities the ability to manage trips on behalf of patients. The closest available vehicle can also be selected to perform immediate booking requests, creating operational efficiencies and minimising empty trips.

Automated Schedule Optimisation

Simplify trip assignments and easily select the most cost-effective, most appropriate transportation method for each patient and trip. Build efficient transportation schedules for your own vehicles and contracted providers that minimise idle time and maximise resources - whilst still meeting appointment times. Route optimisation significantly improves point-to-point transport effectiveness and on-time performance. This leads to more efficient vehicle utilisation and deployment and lower overall operational costs. 

Real-Time Dispatch and Location Tracking

Accommodate same-day scheduling changes such as last-minute trip requests and late-cancellations without impacting efficiency or on-time performance. Any scheduling changes are automatically communicated to drivers on their in-vehicle app or device, with new routes optimised immediately. NEPTS provides real-time visibility into vehicle movements and allow patient transport providers to monitor and improve services. Providers can view the live location of crews and vehicles, including those currently involved in active jobs and available vehicles which can be diverted to new jobs.

Notifications and In-Vehicle Apps

NEPTS’ patient notification system and online booking portal mean that patients are notified of upcoming trips and the back-office is immediately informed when clients book, cancel or confirm trips online. The system communicates with the in-vehicle apps to ensure drivers automatically receive any scheduling changes immediately. This helps improve on-time performance reduces the risk of patients missing their appointment.

Information Management

Maintain an accurate and complete database of clients, staff, and vehicles to ensure patient safety and meet regulatory requirements. Track and monitor required staff and vehicle certifications, licensing, training, and insurance. NEPTS captures demographic information for patients, including general information, multiple addresses, contacts and even staff member preferences. The integrated database is shared across your network and security levels allow transport providers to specify user information access.


NEPTS uses API interfaces to integrate with health systems like Medicare and accounting software to provide a seamless billing and payment experience. It accounts for rates per kilometre, round trip times, time at destination, and wait times. NEPTS provides faster and easier billing with automated electronic data capture and transmission to improve billing accuracy, reporting and compliance - which helps financial auditing processes. 

Data Analysis and Reporting

Gain actionable operational insights and accurately report performance data for audits. Log and view statistics including total trip times, cumulative trips, trip purposes, no-shows, and cancellations. Individual and group trips can be analysed to identify trends to improve processes and procedures. Know when services are at their busiest to enable efficient resource allocation. 

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