Integrated Capabilities: Patient Care Records (iPCR)

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Create a True Prehospital Connected Journey

The next generation of ePCR, Trapeze MobiMed iPCR is our complete, end-to-end solution for the prehospital sector – from the emergency call to the clinical handover. Trapeze MobiMed iPCR is the only solution of its kind. It’s more than a patient record system; the solution is also an intuitive decision support tool capable of handling individual incidents and mass casualty triage. Trapeze MobiMed iPCR has evolved from more than 30 years of development and experience in medical technology. Our iPCR technology is used by over 12,000 paramedics, is installed in 2,700 ambulances, and handles over 200,000 patients every month in Europe and Asia.

Real-time Patient Records and Communications

Trapeze MobiMed iPCR centrally stores all prehospital patient care journey data in real time, which is visible by multiple clinicians across the entire health care system.  It enables a connected and informed paramedic for improved patient outcomes, continuous operational efficiencies, and clinical transparency throughout the patient care journey. Trapeze MobiMed iPCR follows structured workflows and can be adapted for individual requirements.

Devices can be configured to connect monitoring devices so physiological readings like ECGs, blood pressure, and heart rates are transferred wirelessly. Trapeze MobiMed iPCR enables the real-time electronic transfer of this precise information to all prehospital stakeholders, including emergency departments, specialist centres, clinical support desks, and general practitioners. Other important information like summary care records, previous ambulance attendances, complex care plans, and Do Not Resuscitate orders are also accessible. Trapeze MobiMed iPCR also supports photo and video clip capture and transmission and the real-time prescription of medication from authorising clinicians.

Clinical Destination Handover

The Trapeze MobiMed iPCR system saves time across the connected journey, making it is easier for healthcare professionals at clinical destinations to plan the right treatment from diagnostic-quality insights – before the ambulance arrives.  Patient handover processes are more efficient, and ‘big data’ is enabled, so analysts can source insights to update procedures and clinical guidelines.

Data Quality and Secure Data Storage

The Trapeze MobiMed iPCR stores high-quality medical data as it is entered by clinicians or directly sourced from devices. Data retrieval, analysis, and reporting are quick and easy. All data is secured in a ‘data warehouse’ and information is used for research, audits, quality assurance monitoring, planning, and resourcing. Trapeze MobiMed iPCR has been integrated with multiple systems that are used by ambulance services globally, including CAD and MIMS.

Data Analysis and Reporting

With Trapeze MobiMed iPCR, ambulance services know exactly where and when their services are required based on incident type - giving full visibility. Data is segmented to highlight specific incidents, for example, road traffic accidents, falls, or illnesses like COVID-19. All data is temporal – ambulance services can identify trends over time so that informed decisions can be made to target healthcare initiatives, such as education campaigns. Simplified analytics against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and clinical quality metrics are easily retrieved, including at the individual officer, station, region and service-wide levels.

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