Integrated Capabilities: Connected Paramedic

Provide the right tools to your paramedics to create efficient processes, keep them safe, and manage incidents better.

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Connect With Your Paramedics

TAMS provides ambulance authorities with the ability to communicate with paramedics and volunteers - providing instant access to critical and non-critical messages. TAMS improves your paramedics’ working lives in several ways. It helps them better manage incident response, provide for better patient outcomes, and easily manage pre- and post-shift procedures. 

Real-time Incident Communications

TAMS provides paramedics with relevant, real-time intelligence to help them arrive at scene informed, treat patients accurately, and transport them to the right clinical destination.  Paramedic applications can be provided as a fixed, robust mobile data terminal (MDT) within the vehicle, or via a smartphone or tablet app offering connectivity wherever they are. Paramedics have access to critical information at any time, in an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. 

Pre- and Post-shift Procedures and Incident Management

Pre-shifting procedures are automated and digitised, which includes equipment and drug inventory checks, vehicle and safety checklists, and ABC Clear requirements. Sign on and off is a quick process, using a smart mobile device, which also accesses third party systems. Paramedics can access shift times, allocate vehicles, and crew member allocations. TAMS also has an ‘End of Shift’ feature that defines a maximum paramedic working period based on the incidents attended. At the end of shift, TAMS records the check-in of restricted medications and other key assets and logs out of patient record systems. It also helps with incident reviews after the shift has been completed.

Situational Awareness and Duress

TAMS enhances situational awareness for paramedics and provides visual and audible alerts across multiple devices that prevent them from missing critical, ever-changing incident information – reducing their workload. Job details such as name(s), location, type of incident, and other aspects reduce ambiguity.  During a shift, time-critical updates like drug dosage errors, drug administration updates, and infection warnings can be sent to inform paramedics of changes. Updated alerts can be sent to areas that may be affected by floods, high winds, hail, or bushfire. Once the patient is secured in the ambulance, TAMS provides an optimised route to the most applicable treatment destination. TAMS also has an emergency alarm and alert feature to help increase paramedic and patient safety.

Paramedic Welfare Tools

Manage paramedic and volunteer fatigue and mental health to enhance paramedic and patient safety. TAMS can predict when a paramedic needs a rest break by using the fatigue monitoring feature based on pre-defined rules, specified working hours, meal breaks, and the type of incidents attended to inform management of potential welfare issues. It will also inform paramedics and supervisors when a paramedic is required to take a break. At nominated intervals, an automated, anonymous, online mental health assessment can be undertaken to gauge staff wellbeing. This allows ambulance authorities to continuously monitor wellbeing indicators over time. 

Staff Skills and Remote Training

Staff management features allow ambulance authorities to easily manage paramedic and volunteer accreditations, qualifications, and training records. TAMS also integrates with other systems so paramedics can view their details like shift allocations and summaries, rostered days off, and holidays. 

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