Lead the Way in Sustainable Rail

with Standalone Driving Advice Systems (S-DAS) and Connected Driving Advice Systems (C-DAS)

Reduce costs, Improve Safety and performance.

Instead of delayed trains, that run inefficiently and impede each other, why not operate all your trains on the network with the precision and efficiency expected of a modern system. Picture trains that are all synchronised and driving in the most energy-efficient way, ensuring they arrive within seconds of schedule.

TTG Energymiser® is a recognised global leader in the development and delivery of Connected Driving Advice Systems (C-DAS) and real-time traffic management optimisation. Now part of the Trapeze suite of Rail solutions helping you meet your industry challenges head on.

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Smart, sustainable solutions

Our Standalone-DAS and Connected-DAS technology is used worldwide to reduce rail operators’ carbon emissions, cut operating costs, and improve on-time running.


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Proven globally

TTG Energymiser is proven as an effective technology. Find out how Trapeze is working with the Rail industry.

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Pioneering Technology backed by 30+ years of academic research

Founder Dale Coleman's vision combined with the expertise of Assoc. Prof Peter Pudney & Prof. Ian Milroy saw a smart DAS solution created that has continued to evolve for 30+ years.

Prof Peter Pudney

Dale Coleman

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The next exciting chapter

As part of Trapeze Group – TTG’s history has started another chapter helping to build a bright future for Rail travel and sustainable mobility across the globe.


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Proven Track Record

Find out how other leading railways are already optimising their operations with TTG Energymiser, reducing Co2 emissions and saving millions in energy costs.


Agents already optimise driving in order to reduce energy expenditure, but the software makes it possible to go even further in this direction.
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KiwiRail, New Zealand

The amount we've saved in fuel and dollar terms has been a revelation. Saving fuel in locomotive operations makes environmental and financial sense.
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First Great Western, UK

In the first two years of operation, First Great Western HSTs reduced CO2 emissions by 7,500 tonnes and NOx emissions by 2,600 tonnes.
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