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Trapeze Group Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa have leaders on the ground in each of our regions. This approach means you can enjoy the benefits of global innovations and experience, as well as local support.

Our dedicated team strive each day to improve the software and technology we offer, connecting journeys in public transport and emergency services.

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Our Leadership Team

Scott Winks

Managing Director, Trapeze Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa

Meet Scott...

As the regional leader of Modaxo and Trapeze’s transport portfolio, Scott is passionate about making a meaningful difference to people's lives through improved mobility, accessibility, and outcomes. Having spent 25 years delivering technology solutions across the world, he enjoys helping businesses navigate diverse and disruptive technology challenges as they work to deliver solutions to help move the world’s people. He's also focused on building highly skilled and engaged teams that deliver improved business performance, client satisfaction, and talent advancement.

Modaxo is a collection of brands that focuses on acquiring, holding and growing people transport technology companies, and is part of Constellation Software Inc., listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE:CSU).

Rod Biggar

Group Leader TAPMEA Emergency and Bus, Australia/New Zealand

Meet Rod...

Rod is an experienced leader of technology businesses, providing products, services and solutions to government and enterprise customers across the globe for the past 25 years. With a focus on customer value and outcomes, Rod is passionate about helping Trapeze’s clients meet their business challenges and objectives, and building strong relationships over the long term.

Rod leads Trapeze’s emergency services and bus businesses in Australia and New Zealand, partnering with operators and government authorities to bring efficiencies and technical innovation to these sectors and ultimately improving passenger experiences and patient outcomes.

Maretha Britz

Managing Director, Africa

Meet Maretha...

Leveraging more than 20 years of experience in roles spanning business consultation and development, Maretha is dedicated to advancing the application of technology solutions in public transport. Previous achievements have included strategy engagement, fare management solutions, advisory services and general public transport management.

Managing the Trapeze team in South Africa, Maretha is focused on providing world-class expertise and support to existing clients, while providing innovative solutions for the industry to improve public transport management.

Ben Dvoracek

Managing Director - Rail, Australia/New Zealand

Meet Ben...

Ben Dvoracek has spent most of his career providing technology solutions that enhance the sustainability of rail services - increasing safety and environmental performance, creating seamless passenger experiences, while saving time and costs. Ben focuses on establishing long-term relationships with rail authorities and operators by providing insight into the benefits of rail technology.

This includes Driving Advice Systems, planning and scheduling, workforce management, day of operations, maintenance, asset management, and customer service. Ben originally worked with transport authorities and operators in North America before moving to Australia. He now leads a team that is focused on the development, delivery, and support of rail technology in Australia, New Zealand, ASEAN, India, the Middle East, and Africa.

James McManus

Managing Director, Emergency Services

Meet James…..

James brings extensive industry experience, with almost twenty years of his career spent in out-of-hospital care, including roles at Ambulance Tasmania and Queensland Ambulance Service ranging from a frontline clinician at the start of his career to healthcare executive leadership.  He has always maintained his healthcare registration to maintain his insight to demystify problems and provide innovative and well-informed solutions.  

James leads the Trapeze Emergency Services team who share his passion to support the industry with the technology they need to deliver timely, enhanced service delivery to improve health outcomes.

Frank Hesse

Managing Director, ASEAN

Meet Frank...

Frank has 23 years of experience delivering and supporting vertical market software solutions, including 15 years in the ASEAN and the Asia Pacific regions. Frank’s leadership experience covers a variety of roles including Vice President Asia at CSG where he was responsible for the Telecom and Media P&L, strategy, solution sales and delivery for the Asia region, and as Delivery Head Asia Pacific where he was responsible for delivery of all Telecom and Media solutions and services across APAC.

Frank is focused on supporting the ASEAN-based Trapeze team to deliver world-class solutions for the private sector and government clients to optimise public transport outcomes.

Matthew Brownlie

Managing Director, Middle East

Meet Matthew...

An experienced IT and transport professional, Matthew has spent 15 years implementing and managing technology in the public transport, taxi, and demand response sectors of Australia, the United Kingdom and the Middle East. He offers a unique combination of hands-on technical experience in IT infrastructure and systems and skills in business development and relationship management.

Matthew is the leader of Trapeze’s growing team in the United Arab Emirates, improving customer satisfaction and localising Trapeze’s business activities in the region.

Ashwani Handoo

Managing Director, India

Meet Ashwani...

With over two decades of deep experience in helping prominent international solutions flourish in India’s local environment and leading global rollouts, Ashwani is an expert in the practical application of IT to achieve savings and efficiencies in large enterprises. His knowledge of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) gives him insight into how technology could help India’s public and corporate sector.

Ashwani is spearheading Trapeze Group’s expansion into India, with a focus on building relationships with public transport operators and authorities as well as improving the commuter experience.

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