Integrated networks
are connecting journeys

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

Enhancing the passenger experience

ITS solutions can help improve many elements of the public transport experience.

Modular in structure. Solutions can be introduced step by step across your operations.

ITS can optimise fleet management, provide better driver guidance and passenger information, manage disruptions,
provide connection protection between services and ultimately support optimised passenger journeys.


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The ITS mix of technologies are designed to enable transport authorities to effectively plan,
schedule and operate their networks. They also enable continuous analysis of network performance.


Improving customer satisfaction in big cities

Trapeze ITS solutions are already helping large, complex bus operations and light rail operations such as
Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Transport for London (TFL) in London.

The Experts

ITS Industry experts

We have over 50 years of experience delivering ITS solutions for small operators with less than 20 vehicles to those with fleets in the thousands, operating some of the most extensive public transport systems in the world, like London and Singapore.

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Integrated technology to plan, operate and monitor bus operations so services run efficiently. ...

Light Rail and Tram

Powerful control systems deliver vision, information and control in a single integrated solution...


Connect ferry operations with a central system, collecting and communicating information in real-time..

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