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Optimise ferry services with software solutions for asset management, enterprise resource planning, scheduling and operations for efficient, reliable ferry transport.

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Network-Wide Solutions for Ferry & Multimodal Operations

Cities with coastal and river networks benefit from integrating ferries into their public transport systems - giving passengers the convenience of transport routes that link land and water through regular, reliable ferry services. Ferries help reduce congestion for land transport modes and can also connect with other transport services, including bus, train, taxi, rideshare and e-mobility solutions. 

Operators and transport authorities need to manage ferry services as part of an integrated, multimodal network - which means integrated technology solutions are required across all forms of transport. The advent of multimodal transport networks effectively means the same software solutions can be used for all land and water-based transport modes.

Trapeze’s purpose-built public transport technology offers local support and is backed by proven global industry experience across multimodal transport - giving your ferry operation the ability to respond to events, adapt, and succeed.


Simon Reed, Head of Technology and Data at Transport for London, explains how highly accurate passenger information is key to everything TfL does.

Flexible, Open Platform with Local Support

Ferries are different from other modes of public transport, with unique operating conditions including berthing, tides, non-linear travel, significant weather variability and ticket management. The Trapeze technology suite provides enterprise software for ferry and multimodal transport management.  This includes planning and scheduling, enterprise resource planning, and Intelligent Transport Systems – delivering increased efficiencies and improving ferry commuter convenience.

The Trapeze Ferry Solution Suite

Technology enabling transport authorities and operators to deliver more efficient ferry and multimodal transport services.

Service Preparation

Ferry Routes
Vessel Allocation
Crew and Vessel Assignment

Operation Monitoring

Disruption Management
Incident Management
Headway Management

Ferry Operators

Timetable Optimisation
Schedule Optimisation
Network Performance
Missing Mileage
Service Quality
Crew and Vessel Performance
Enterprise Asset Management
Dry Dock & Maintenance Barges
Finance & Payroll
Human Resources

Public Transport Authorities

Ticketing Data
Ferry Routes
KPI Data
Contract Compliance

In Vessel

Trip Status
Ferry Monitoring
Peripheral Control
Next Terminal
Connection Information

Ferry Terminals

Real Time Passenger Information
Journey Plan
Mobile Info

Trapeze Enterprise Ferry and Multimodal Transport Solutions

Explore the suite of Trapeze solutions for ferry operations.

Planning & Scheduling Solutions for Ferry

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Ferry

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Intelligent Transport Systems for Ferry

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What Role Do You Play?

Learn more about how Trapeze enterprise solutions provide capabilities for all stakeholders in ferry and public transport organisations.

Planning & Scheduling

Streamline ferry schedules, timetables, and routes to gain maximum returns from being part of a connected multimodal network. Improve customer experiences and model multiple scenarios to ensure reliable ferry services. Report and forecast more effectively by leveraging accurate data. Optimise staff rostering for crews to deliver better outcomes.


Manage resource availability and improve vessel and land infrastructure maintenance schedules by using accurate insights gained from verifiable data. Sustain business performance to deliver safe, consistent, and reliable ferry services. Improve daily operations by planning activities more effectively, and reacting faster to incidents and disruptions. 

Technology & Systems

Equip your ferry team with a complete, centralised, and intuitive solution, designed for the ferry industry and multimodal networks. Benefit from local Trapeze support, available when required, in your time zone, with global and local market knowledge. Integrate your existing third-party systems and technology with the versatility of an open, flexible end-to-end platform. 

Strategy & Leadership

Simplify financial reporting, forecasting, resource planning, enterprise bargaining negotiations and auditing. Develop smarter business plans with accurate, verifiable operational data, whilst capitalising on future opportunities – and minimising the risk of budget oversights. 

Finance & Administration

Optimise your ferry business strategy, and leverage economies of scale to drive sustainable growth. Make data-driven business decisions with clarity, that help you achieve your KPIs, and give your business a competitive edge. Meet your compliance targets and regulations and implement innovative strategies to exceed customer expectations.

Passenger Experience

Drive better on-time ferry performance and service frequencies. Provide clear, accurate passenger information to grow patronage and increase public transport appeal. Align your ferry timetables to meet demand without compromising services, cost, or safety. Ensure efficient connections with other modes to drive a seamless passenger journey.

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