Technology Integration & Customer-Focused IT Partnership

Your Challenge
As the individual responsible for your organisation’s technology provision, your concerns relate to both day-to-day uptime and performance, but also development of present and future technologies in-line with your strategic objectives.Technology Integration & Customer-Focused IT Partnership

Having to deal with multiple providers impacts your effectiveness by increasing the complexity of your overall technology solution and reducing speed of issue resolution. But perhaps most importantly it prevents the formation of strategic partnerships through which you can collaborate on creation of cohesive Enterprise solutions specifically designed to meet your requirements. Challenges her can be summarised as follows:

  • Absence of consistent, cohesive approach to strategic roadmap development
  • Ineffective technical support (where does the fault originate?)
  • Interfaces require management; further complicate issue identification and resolution
  • Multiple supplier relationships to manage
  • IT infrastructure is costly and complex to maintain

The Solution
Consolidating your technology into a single, fully integrated Enterprise solution offers the ability to ensure maximum uptime and system performance by streamlining fault-finding and simplifying IT infrastructure. Furthermore, by working with a truly customer-focused strategic partner you are able to shape future roadmap developments that align with your needs – so you can ensure your technology investment delivers even greater value and efficiency tomorrow than it does today.

Signature Rail’s solutions offer:

  • Customer-focused strategic roadmap development
  • Consolidated technology under single fully integrated Enterprise solution
  • Hosting of technology alongside software (simple, end-to-end solution)
  • Superior support (fast issue identification and resolution)
  • Shared database (single data entry; ‘single source of the truth’)

Rail Planning & Scheduling Solution

Enterprise Rail Solutions help network infrastructure organisations and rail operators to model, plan and manage the complexity of their operations with maximum efficiency.

From increasing capacity and continuity of service to management of operational targets and resources, staff engagement and passenger satisfaction, our solutions will enable you to set, meet, measure and evaluate key business objectives.

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