Reduced Budgets

operating emergency services with reduced budgetYour organisation needs to trim its expenses and your department is no exception. Help save on network connections by implementing communications technology that taps into various network carriers. This lets you access the cheapest available option at all times instead of using only one network that is expensive or worse still, has limited coverage.

You can also save by using solutions with flexible hosting options. Depending on your situation, you may prefer to implement a new system on your existing infrastructure, a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, or a hybrid of the two. Having these options means that you can still get the same solution but choose the hosting method that best suits your budget and goals.

Use technology innovatively to create cost efficiencies with this solution

Trapeze Emergency Response Solution

Reliable, robust and ready for unpredictable situations, this is a comprehensive and solidly-built solution that has been tried and tested in numerous ambulance service organisations of varying sizes. Guaranteed uptime and uninterrupted communications between your command centre and paramedics is assured through built-in backups and redundancies.

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