Monitoring Staff Safety

monitoring emergency services staff safetyWhile there is inherent risk in every emergency service role, you want to do everything in your power to minimise that risk and prepare for threats to your staff’s safety. The first step to this is ensuring that ambulance officers, paramedics and dispatch are constantly connected so that additional help can be delivered if necessary.

You need robust and reliable communication and in-vehicle response systems that let you monitor and report on the current locations of your entire fleet whenever required, as well as a distress signalling system to assure visibility of alerts from teams in the field to support systems and staff.

Oversee field activities and respond quickly to threats to staff safety with this solution

Trapeze Emergency Response Solution

Reliable, robust and ready for unpredictable situations, this is a comprehensive and solidly-built solution that has been tried and tested in numerous ambulance service organisations of varying sizes. Guaranteed uptime and uninterrupted communications between your command centre and paramedics is assured through built-in backups and redundancies.

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