Managing People

Business meeting man writing with a pencil ERP softwareYour people are your greatest asset, but people management and performance monitoring can be difficult if you don’t have all the information and tools that you need to do it efficiently.

Set yourself up for success with an integrated solution which offers you a one-stop shop for information rather than creating your own reports compiled from different systems.

  • Monitor employee performance data like commendations, complaints, incidents and disciplinary issues
  • Integrate staff timesheets with payroll to reduce the risk of human error
  • Create customised, automated reports that give you a holistic view of your entire operation

Using an integrated system that functions as a single source of the truth for the company also gives your employees easier access to data and facilitates the flow of information between departments. This knowledge-sharing is the first step to empowering your workforce to improve their own processes and find ways to be more efficient.

A planning and scheduling optimisation tool also speeds up the network planning process through the use of sophisticated algorithms and computing power. This reduces your network planning team’s workload so they can consider additional factors like lifestyle or shift preferences to create schedules that are not just cost-effective but driver-friendly, improving driver retention.

Improve employee satisfaction and performance with these solutions

Bus Planning & Scheduling Solution

Optimise your network planning, fleet and crew to ensure your resources are being used in the most efficient way and reduce your operating costs. Create what-if scenarios, accurately forecast the financial impact of business decisions and find the best combinations of workforce, vehicle and schedule to meet service requirements for tender applications.

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Bus ERP | Enterprise Resource Planning System

ERP | Enterprise Resource Planning System | Transport ERP software designed to manage the logistics of running a national or international transport organisation. Automate tasks, eliminate duplication & digitise records with reliable data using Trapeze Groups’ Enterprise Resource Planning System - ERP

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